10 Meaningful Ways to Help Others

“Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agrees to serve….

You don’t have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

― Martin Luther King, Jr.

From this apt quote by Martin Luther King Jr., we know that helping others doesn’t have to wait until we are rich, capable, and well off. From the sincere care, small steps, and little touches we make, the impact can be huge on someone’s life.

Even today in the era of social media, there are easier ways we can help others. Whether it’s helping financially, emotionally, or physically, we can do it as easy as contacting via a simple message. If the need arises, we can promote and go for fundraising for any good cause that will be beneficial for more people.

Most importantly, the main key to helping others is will and social sensitivity. Look around you and your closest circle first, whether it’s your family, your friends, social organizations in your city, even your neighbors.

At UPDEED, we see examples of people doing small acts of kindness through simple things. They see problems from the closest things in their lives and start to move. So, what are some meaningful ways we can do to help others? Let’s take a look:

1. Be the First to Offer Help


We don’t need to wait to offer help. Sometimes we just happen to run into someone on the street, at the market, or at work who looks troubled. The small favors we offer can be big things and relief to those who receive them. Continue to pay attention to the people around you and be there for them.

2. Take A Part in Donation


If you have an excess budget or resources, get involved in donating to charity. Currently, there are many NGOs that need additional funds and equipment to carry out their duties. The financial assistance that we provide will greatly help these NGOs run their programs.

3. Join as a Volunteer


If you have more time and energy, joining volunteer activities will be fun. Joining volunteer activities will make you more engaged to a good cause you’re concerned about. But also, it will expand the network, give new experiences, and be useful for personal portfolios. If you want to volunteer with top organizations, you can join UPDEED. On UPDEED, there are thousands of change-makers and global NGOs who are looking for volunteers. You can have a chat, share your resume, and appreciate the work that they are doing.

4. Help to Promote a Good Cause


Having lots of friends or followers on social media can also be a meaningful way to help others. Leverage the power of word-of-mouth and social media to amplify good causes of other people, influencers, or certain NGOs. By spreading it to many people, we are just as good as helping to spread the good deeds they do to a wider audience. UPDEED is also a platform you can use to promote a good cause, whether it’s a deed you do yourself, an NGO, or another organization or institution. You can download it for free and share your stories, get appreciated, and connect with other change-makers.

5. Give Compliments More Often


Assistance is not only needed in the form of funds or goods but also emotional. Be a positive person to those around us by giving compliments for the small successes that everyone makes. Words like “You have done great!” “You are amazing!” will be an encouragement to those who hear it.

6. Share Your Knowledge and Skills for Free


We can also help indirectly with our skills, knowledge, and abilities. If someone or an NGO needs your expertise to develop their good cause, don’t hesitate to share it for free. Sharing knowledge, especially in the form of hard skills, can be a treasured help for them.

7. Offer Your Ear to Listen


Sometimes other people just want to share their burdens and stories. At times like this, being quiet and listening to them is golden. Providing space for others to share their stories and worries can lighten their burdens, and will provide psychological and emotional support for them.

8. Slow to Judge


Everyone has burdens that we don’t understand. As human beings, the way to help others can also be manifested by appreciating their life journey. We should not be easy to assume and judge others with our subjective mindset. However, we should consider and embrace them with all their goodness and flaws.

9. Redirect Gifts


There are times when we feel satisfied with the gifts from others, whether it’s on our birthday, graduation, Christmas celebration, and many more. Redirect gifts we received to people who need them will also be meaningful. Try telling your friends or family, instead of giving a gift to you, ask them to donate it to charity or for underprivileged people.

10. Keep Smiling, Be Positive


Smiling makes things better. When something bad happens to you or someone else, smiling and thinking positive things will give you a little hope and strength. Of course, before we create a positive space for others, we must be kind and positive to ourselves. By embracing, loving, and showing kindness to ourselves we are also enabled to do it for others.

In conclusion, doing something to help others doesn’t have to start with something difficult and complex. Start with something simple but meaningful. You don’t need to build such a large-scale organization, but you can start by joining and walking with existing NGOs, influencers, and people who have the same vision as you.

Start your small steps by downloading UPDEED, a social networking platform for change-makers. There, you will find inspiration and motivation from many people who have started their good deeds. Here, you can also give each other appreciation and support in order to create the world as a positive space for all. Moreover, did we mention, UPDEED is a meaningful way to help others!

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