15 Tips to Improve your Mental Health

Are you always depressed, anxious or stressed? Does negativity rule your life? Is craving for a poised life?

Then you must have a balance in your mental and physical health. As you take care of your body you should take care of your mind also because mind and body are interrelated.

1. Consult doctor and family

If you are suffering from any psychological problems you should consult a psychiatrist first. Mental health demands care just like your full body. If you are suffering from a mental health issue you should not neglect or suppress it. You should first consult with your family and then with your doctor. To cure a person from mental illness you need the support of the family foremost.

2. Invest quality time for yourself

If you cannot make yourself happy then you cannot make others happy. You should nurture yourself also. Try to find some time exclusively for yourself.  You can have a cup of coffee or read a magazine or listen to a song or you can just sit and brood idly. You can spend time cultivating your hobby which will add great pleasure to your life.

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3. Follow a healthy  lifestyle

Eat a complete diet exercise daily and sleep for 8 hours a day. To stay mentally sound you should follow a balanced lifestyle.


4. Spend time with friends

Your friends can boost up your energy level. With your friends, you can enjoy your time to the fullest. Party, food, friends and above all a hearty smile can make your day.

5. Maintain a diary

You should write something every day about 3 or 4 things which make you happy and grateful towards life. If you read the diary at your leisure your memory will rejuvenate you.

6. Practice meditation

Meditation has a great positive impact on health. If you can practice meditation you will see a difference in yourself. Your mind will be free from any negative thoughts. You will realise your inner strength.  This realisation will help you to overcome any mental problems.


7. Keep faith in yourself

Try to boost up your confidence level. If you have faith in yourself you cannot be mentally weak. To boost your confidence level you can talk to any spiritual guide. It will improve the quality of your life and mental health.

8. Determine the goal of your life

You should fix the goal of your life. If it sounds very tough then set a goal for each day. Write down some things which you have to complete within a day. You should learn the techniques of time management.  If you accomplish your little targets then it will boost up your confidence.  Then you can set a goal and a purpose for your life. Without purpose, life is like a boat without a sailor.

9. Do not overburden yourself

You should learn to say ” No”. Indeed, you can not balance everything in your life.  So never overburden yourself to fulfil any impossible commitment.  You should train your mind to consider yourself as a human being with qualities and imperfections. You can not work like a machine. So when you feel exhausted,  take a break. You can improve your mental health by giving priority to your own choices.

10. Read Motivational Content on the Internet and Avoid clutter on Social Media

Today’s world is full of turmoil. Social and financial hazards can eclipse your happiness in life. This pandemic situation has ruined the earlier poised pattern of life. To avoid stress and uncertainty in life you should read motivational books, stories and news. It will add a positive vibe to your life. Do not stuff your mind with the depressing, confusing and chaotic news of social media.  If you want to lead a peaceful life then focus on positivity and avoid stress.

11. You should know Stress management

Stress is inevitable in life. You cannot avoid stress and failure in life. But you should learn the techniques of stress management.  You can practice certain skills to fight against your anxiety and stress. You can practice One-Minute Stress Strategies, Tai Chi, exercise, have a stroll and have fun with your family.


12. Spend time with your family

When you feel sad or depressed, do not hesitate to share it with your family.  Care of your loved one heals any pain. Spend time with your family.  It will make you happy. Smile, play and relax with your family. Nothing is better than a happy and peaceful life. To achieve a peaceful life you have to be mentally and physically strong.  This strength comes from the support of your family.

13. Keep yourself  busy

To improve your mental health you should keep yourself busy. Engage yourself with many tasks. Work is the only medicine for a lonely mind. Nurture creativity, write something,  draw or do whatever makes you happy. You can learn any language or subject.  You can start up your own business.  Just keep yourself engaged in something meaningful.

14. Accept the reality

It is the hardest thing to practice in life. You like it or not, some shocking, unpleasant things happen in your life. Sometimes misfortune may shatter your mental strength.  But train your mind to accept the truth. If you want to maintain the balance of life then you have to accept the reality. You should allow your past or present to stop the flow of your future.

15. Do self-analysis

You should critically analyze yourself.  Then you will be able to find out your imperfections of character.  If you know about your limitations then you can set the goal of life accordingly. If you know your weakness then you can analyze the causes of your failure.  Be practical and mature to handle your failures. If you can understand yourself then you can control your mental health.


Final thought

You should take care of your daily routine, lifestyle and food habits. Taking a balanced diet and using mind relaxing essential oils can improve your mental health. Think that you have only one life to enjoy and to fulfil your dreams. Consider yourself as the most blessed child of God. It will spiritually uplift your soul.

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