16 Ways to Live Life with Positive Energy

It is said that:

“Your energy introduces you before you even speak.”

We’re surrounded by different people, who radiate different energies. You would often find yourself as well as others getting drawn towards those who give off positive energy while repelling those who cast negative energy.

Similarly, people pay attention to what they receive when they are around you. This might kindle you to try to stay positive. Staying positive also induces creativity and focus, thus, benefiting you immensely.

The reason people behave differently towards positive and negative energy is the effect these have on them.

How does positive and negative energy affect those around us?


As much as positive and negative energies affect us and our moods, they influence others around us. People prefer to stay around those who can help them grow, or at least make them feel positive.

When you spread positive energy it sends forth a sense of peace, calm, and other positive feelings. These elements can inspire, boost and energize the people with whom you come in contact.

On the contrary, emitting negative energy can push them away. After some time, people will try to repel the presence of those who give off negative vibes such as tension, anxiety, and anger.

Why is positive energy important?


We all appreciate getting admired. And people admire when they receive positivity in a certain form.

When describing energy we can say that it is anything that invokes a reaction inside you.

When you listen to music, it makes you feel euphoric, gloomy, motivated, or other emotions that are types of energy. Similarly, reading a book or simply taking a walk can brighten up your mood.

In the same manner, there are incidences that leave us with a cold reaction

Thus, every action induces a reaction from us; what matters is the kind of reaction that the action provokes, i.e., negative or positive.

We value positive thoughts because they bring out our creativity, keep our mind and soul serene, guide us towards our goals with enhanced skills, and make us more of a human.

There is a direct link of a positive outlook on life to your overall health: physical, emotional, and mental.

“When you learn to live in solitude, you never feel lonely.”

Thus, learning how to harness positive energy leads you to see silver linings in even the cloudiest situations. You adapt yourself to practice decreased feelings of loneliness and increased resilience to any hardships in life.

16 Ways to Bring Positive Energy:

Staying positive can be tricky. However, controlling the type of energy you want to spread is in your hands. We’ll be sharing 16 simple yet effective ways to imbibe positive energy, here:

1. Meditate to Medicate


Try to maintain a healthy combination of meditation and exercise. If you have negative thoughts in your mind, sweat it out with workout! Or calm it down with yoga. Your soul also needs care. Maintaining good mental health and a positive state of mind is soul care. Similarly, when you do vigorous physical activity, the “feel good” brain chemicals are released that bring down the negativity.

2. Be grateful


What keeps us grounded is the feeling of gratefulness. Expressing gratitude for the good things we have in our life makes us feel more appreciative.  And look around yourself, you’ll find numerous things to be thankful for.

Start by being grateful for little things like:

  • Good Health
  • Good Friends
  • Weekends
  • Pets
  • Family
  • Opportunities
  • Your Skills…

Keeping this in mind, Updeed offers a unique feature – ‘Gratitude Wall‘, where people are acknowledged and featured for their good deeds. You can appreciate people for their good deeds and someone might do the same for your kind actions.

3. Smile more


“Peace begins with a smile.” Smiling always makes one radiate positive vibes and feel confident about themselves. This is the quickest way to restore positive energy.

There might be days when you don’t want to smile genuinely, but if you do it regardless of that, you’ll start feeling better soon. It also allows you to seem friendlier and approachable, which will attract the positive energy you want.

4. Differentiate between a fact and a thought


Did someone say something bad about you to others? Or do you ‘think’ that they did so? Most of our negative thoughts arise from our own thinking, and at times, our ‘overthinking’.

Instead, focus on the facts that help to keep things in perspective and avoids negative thoughts to sprout in your mind.

5. Work Towards a Goal


“An idle brain is the devil’s workshop.”  When you’re constantly focused on achieving your goals, there’s no scope for negative thoughts to nourish in your mind. Also, working towards and then achieving your goals is a massive confidence booster for yourself and others.

Inspire them with your actions and radiate positive energy.   

6. Give Compliments


Don’t we like it when someone compliments us? So, it is a gesture that grows when reciprocated. You can start by acknowledging when someone does something you admire and compliment them to create an instant boost in your mood. Nowadays, you can appreciate others even if they are sitting miles away from you. With Updeed, you can applaud good deeds of change-makers and even send encouraging messages to them.

7. Be Kind to others and yourself


Treat others the way you want to be treated. Or better, treat others the way you want to treat yourself. Everyone goes through hardships, including you. Thus, recognizing and honoring your own thoughts induces positive energy.

At the same time, help those around you. Tip the waiter more, hold the door open for the person behind you, help someone carry heavy bags, surprise your parents by cleaning the apartment, compliment your colleagues. Kelvin Waites quoted – “Charity begins at home”. This means that doing good deeds and helping people starts in your own household.

8. Experience and enjoy the present


Learn and let go of the past; plan for the future but don’t worry about it. Live the moment while it lasts. It also includes avoiding distractions, such as your phone, while you’re with other people. Savor even the most seemingly mundane tasks.

9. Little things matter


Don’t set high standards for happiness, you’ll miss out on the significant events in life. Appreciate small achievements and celebrate them.

It can be anything, for example, the happiness or positive feeling with an extra slice of pizza, an hour of extra sleep, or finishing your favorite book in a day. Finding meaning in little things begins with you.

10. Breathe in the natural air


A brisk walk calms you down by sparking nerve cells in the brain that relax the senses. Visit a park and observe nature to restore serenity. Such intervals will give you a deeper insight into things and boost your creative thoughts.

11. Surround yourself with positive people


Research suggests that stress is contagious. 43 % of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress. The more you surround yourself with stress or negative people, the more likely you are to let it affect your thoughts. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Choose those 5 people wisely.

If you can’t find such positive people around you, you can definitely meet them on Updeed, since it is a positive space on the internet with people who spread positivity.

12. Pen it down


If you have a hard time articulating your thoughts to someone or you don’t have anyone to talk to, try journaling. Journaling is a great way to deal with overwhelming emotions, express yourself and manage your overall mental health. With a journal, you can also track your progress and control your negative thoughts.

13. You are what you eat


An unhealthy diet drains your positive energy and drags down your motivation. However, there are high vibrational foods that do precisely the opposite. Switch to a positive diet including foods like organic fruits and vegetables, honey, whole grains, dark chocolate, etc.

14. Cue Up Some Good Music


Music is the easiest way to shift your energy quickly. The type of music you listen to determines your mood. Athletes often listen to certain motivational or energetic songs before games to help channel adrenaline; artists listen to music to kick-start their creativity, and many writers write with the help of music. Don’t involve yourself with meaningless songs or gloomy instrumentals if you want to stay positive.

15. Focus on your Posture


A slouchy posture shows a lack of confidence, negative energy and later in life, gives you physical problems. Instead stand, or sit up straight, unfold your arms, and open up your shoulders. This is a nonverbal indication of emitting positive energy.

16. Take Power Naps


Take breaks from continuous work for 10-15 minutes and reboot yourself. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania discovered that subjects who were limited to less than 5 hours of sleep a night for one week felt significantly more stressed, angry, sad, and mentally exhausted.

We can sum up by stating that positive actions don’t have to be grand to bring in positive energy. You can start with simple, daily routine changes and monitor your results.

To spread this positivity with others and influence them, share stories about your good deeds, you can use networking platforms that connect you with positive people globally. Updeed is such a platform where you can share your positive energy and receive it from others’ stories. With Updeed, share your actions of kindness, appreciate others for their efforts and get rewarded with unique features.

You can start by slowly inching towards pushing out your negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. If you know any tips or techniques that worked out for you to stay positive, share them in the comment box… maybe it’ll be useful to someone else.

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