20 Ways to Boost up Positivity in Life

Are you tired of the rat race of life?

Are you frustrated and dominated by negative thoughts?

Do you feel your life has reached a point of no return, no hope?

Then stop. Think and thank life, that you are still alive. That is the greatest boon of your life that you can still breathe.  

You can change your attitude towards life if you follow certain simple and basic rules.

1. Enjoy nature

Nature can nurture us in the best way. To freshen our mind we can spend some time in nature. We can stroll, go to the park, and live a vacation in the lap of nature. It will rejuvenate your health and mood because nature is our first home.

2. Do exercise

You should invest some time a day for exercising because it will crown you with a fit and healthy body. Though it is hard to practice this good habit of exercising daily, nothing can replace the benefits of a regular workout. A healthy body helps to uplift your spirit.  If your health is blessed with a healthy body you will always feel energetic,  active,  positive in thinking and attitude.

3. Maintain a healthy diet

Food fuels our bodies. A healthy diet consists of the basic requirements of a body daily. Carbohydrates,  protein,  fat, minerals, vitamins, calcium and antioxidants are essential ingredients that keep your body healthy. A healthy body always remains energetic. Positive thoughts come to your mind when you’re not wailing in any physical problems.

4. Follow sleep habit

Standard time of sleep not only helps you to maintain a healthy body but also boosts positivity in life. The standard time of sleep for an adult is 7 to 8 hours daily. You may not be blessed to maintain that standard time of sleep daily but you should

  • Sleep early at night
  • Keep away your mobile at night
  • Read a book
  • Cut off yourself from the virtual world
  • Eat long before your bedtime
  • Try to follow a bedtime routine
  • Get up early in the morning

A Tired mind and body need ample time to rejuvenate themselves.

5. Change lifestyle

Are you frowning? Please don’t. It is your lifestyle that can add maximum positive vibes to your life. If you follow a balanced diet, sleep routine and include a workout schedule in your daily routine you will notice a change in your body and soul. The see-saw of work and break time should be maintained strictly. You can relax your mind with your family and friends. An unplanned joyride, a surprise party or simply pampering yourself in leisure can add peace and positivity to your life.

6. Listen  to  a melody

Music soothes the tension of life. When you listen to a melody you temporarily escape reality and take refuge in the lap of imagination, romanticism. Music as a therapy is used to cure many mental health problems like depression, trauma, and schizophrenia.

7. Laugh out loudly

Laughing is the best tonic for your health. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your disease resistance. Laughter releases endorphins. It is the body’s natural feel-good chemical. This hormone produces an overall sense of well-being. It can even temporarily relieve pain.

8. Take a  break

When you are stressed with deadlines, targets and competition, and find yourself too exhausted then you should take a break. A warm cup of tea, soothing melody or just a “hi” to your loved ones can drive away from the tiredness from you.

9. Perform an act of kindness

Kindness is a quality that not only soothes others but also makes you generous. You can be kind to others in many ways. Sometimes you can mentally support others, sometimes your donation can make one’s life easy. Sometimes listening to someone offer great help. The way is your choice but the motto is the one- to be kind to others.

This is only possible when you have a positive outlook towards life. So by your kind and positive attitude you are boosting your positivity in your life.

UPDEED features recommended posts by users on Gratitude wall that showcases inspiring stories and act of kindness by people all around the globe.

10. Express your gratitude

Being grateful is a way of showing your love, concern, and respect for others. There are many ways to show your gratitude to your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, community helpers, and to one whom you do not even know.

11. Be a good samaritan

This is a popular idiom. Being selfish is a curse. You can reach out to those people who are in trouble.  You can be always helpful to others.  In that way, you will help yourself also.

12. Keep a gratitude journal

Though it is difficult to maintain a record of feelings, a gratitude journal

will surely help to change your perspective towards life. Keeping a journal of all of the things you are thankful for can help you keep track of and refer back to the positives in your life.

Pen down your positive thoughts. You can write every day after your gratitude practice, or you can come back to the journal on a regular schedule weekly or monthly.

It is scientifically proven that if you write a letter of happiness or gratitude to others it will increase your inner happiness. It is called the “science of happiness”. Happiness levels can rise from 2 to 4% and when the same people made a phone call to the person they were thankful for to express their gratitude directly, happiness levels jumped from 4% to 19%.

Here’re some tips for you to keep a solid gratitude journal.

13. Appreciate good deeds

Anything encouraging adds positive thoughts to your life. By celebrating small wins, appreciating small achievements of yourself, of your friends and family you can add positivity to your life.

14. Move through your day mindfully

To boost your life with positivity and energy,  you can start your day with meditation, yoga, or a morning walk. It will help you to focus on your life mindfully.

15. Connect with changemakers

Do you know who the Changemakers are? Changemakers are those who have transformed the world and influenced innumerable people with their motivational life events. There are many videos and articles on the motivational life of the Changemakers across the globe. If you feel depressed,  and diffident in your life you can connect with the Changemakers or the spiritual guides to regain faith and positivity in you.

16. Volunteer for a cause

At any time of your life, you can assume a role of a volunteer.  It will add positivity to your life.  You can be a changemaker. Your financial charity, support, and help can give you a profound sense of satisfaction.

Learn effective ways to volunteer for a cause.

17. Limit social  media browsing and the internet for positive, motivational information

You start your day with a good morning message and end with a good night. Thus your entire day you are updating your status through social media. You should also find some time daily to browse through the internet for those materials which can motivate your life towards positivity.

19. Realize your full potential

You should know the strengths and weaknesses of your character.  Realize the full potential of yourself. This realization will add positivity to your life. Express yourself. Feel the change.

20. Pamper yourself

Give some time to yourself.  It is a common mistake that ‘me time is just a vogue. Spend time with yourself. Time with yourself helps you to discover yourself, to analyze your faults,  to cherish the sweet memories of life. If you pamper yourself then life becomes full of positive vibes.

To sum up, a holistic pattern of life with peace of mind can boost up positivity in your life. The wheel of life will present tears and smiles alternately. It is you, who can train your subconscious mind to always be positive in your life. If you are looking for more positive inspiration, then UPDEED is the right platform for you. You can connect with thousands of change-makers who can help you boost positivity in life.

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