Intellectual Property Violation

We are dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses in promoting and protecting their intellectual property rights. Please double-check that you have permission to share content on UPDEED before doing so. UPDEED does not allow users to publish content that infringes on 

the intellectual property rights of others, such as copyright and trademarks. Intellectual property includes copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets. Violations could cost thousands of dollars and even lead to criminal charges and jail time. Avoiding intellectual property violations is a matter of due diligence and best practices around the use of third-party content.

Do not post:

  • Use a name, profile photo or content that has already been posted by a user.
  • Make copies of voice, music, sound or other media without authorization and distribute them for credit.
  • Do not make replicas, counterfeits, or fake ids of the existing UPDEEDers.

UPDEED tries to evaluate this kind of infringement. If a user comes across any such content that violates someone’s intellectual property rights, the user is advised to report it on the customer support desk.