Troubleshooting Install or Updates

You can troubleshoot your install or updates on Android device or iOS device using these methods.


  • Confirm that UPDEED is supported by your OS.
    UPDEED Android has a minimum OS requirement of Android 4.0.
  • Check your internet connectivity. 
    For best results, connect to Wi-Fi before downloading.
  • Is UPDEED showing “Installed” but not “Open”? 
    • If UPDEED is installed on your phone then the Google Play store page will show “Uninstall” and “Open”.
    • If you see “Installed” then it looks like you are signed into a different account for the Google Play store than what is on your phone. Check that you are signed into the correct Google Account for the store. 
  • Do you see an alert of insufficient space on your device?
    You will need to free up some memory on the internal storage of your phone. You may need to uninstall other apps to clear space. A minimum of 40 MB is recommended when installing or updating.
  • Is UPDEED stuck “Installing” or “Downloading?”
    • Confirm you have enough free memory on your device as listed in the steps above.
  • Do you see error codes?
    • Clear cache for Google Play Services app. Go to Android Settings > Apps or Application Manager > ALL > Google Play Services > Clear cache > OK


Apple controls downloads and installs for all iPhone apps. Check Apple’s support center for additional information.

  • Confirm that UPDEED is supported by your iOS.
    UPDEED iOS has a minimum iOS requirement of 7.0.
  • What if I cannot tap the “Install” button or it is grayed out?
    Try connecting your phone to your computer and complete syncing your apps via iTunes. 
  • What if UPDEED is stuck on “Installing” or “Waiting” on my phone?
    It looks like you’ve ran out of free space on your phone. You will need to free up memory and then you can go to the App Store app and finish or restart your app updates. 
  • What if the iTunes store or app store asks for a password or payment? 
    UPDEED is free to use. This will be happening for any app that you are trying to download and is not unique to UPDEED. The iTunes store or app store and your settings require you to login to download. 
  • What if the store page only shows “Open” but I’m not on the latest version? 
    It sounds like you have signed in to your iPhone with a different Apple ID than what you used when you originally downloaded UPDEED. 
    • Go to the App Store on your iPhone.
    • Tap your profile picture in the top corner.
    • Tap Purchased > My Purchases > select the tab Not on this iPhone.
    • Confirm that UPDEED is listed in the tab Not on this iPhone
    • To receive updates on this Apple ID, uninstall UPDEED then install a new version while logged into the correct Apple ID for this phone. Note: Uninstalling UPDEED will clear your message history.

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