UPDEED Community Guidelines

UPDEED is a networking platform of changemakers to showcase the good deeds around us to the world. A platform that enables you to: 

Discover inspiring people around the globe, appreciate the extraordinary impact made by¬†ordinary people, and connect with changemakers. UPDEED is free and open for all platforms¬†to display encouraging stories and connect with local and global changemakers. Every day¬†people use UPDEED to know what’s trending in the world & how ordinary people are making a difference, appreciate them, spread positivity and make this planet a better place to live.¬†¬†

We understand how essential it is for UPDEED to be a place where people feel free to¬†express themselves, and we take our responsibility to keep abuse off our platform very¬†seriously. That’s why we’ve created a set of UPDEEDer Guidelines that spell out what’s¬†acceptable and what’s not on UPDEED.¬†

People’s ability to share varied perspectives, experiences, ideas and information is critical to¬†fostering community and bringing the world closer together. In some situations, we allow¬†content that would otherwise violate our UPDEEDer Guidelines for public awareness if it is¬†noteworthy and in the public interest. And so, the newsworthiness of anything uploaded by¬†anyone, including news organizations and ordinary users, is taken into consideration.¬†

We know that the internet opens up new and more dangerous avenues for abuse. As a result, when we limit expression, we do it in the service of one or more of the values listed below: 

  1. Positivity: 

We are dedicated to making UPDEED a positive space on the Internet. Content in any format should align with the objective of positivity, gratitude, appreciation, and motivation.  Threatening language is not permitted on UPDEED because it has the potential to frighten, exclude, or silence others. 

  1. Authenticity: 

We want to ensure that the content users view on UPDEED is genuine. we don’t want anyone to misrepresent themselves or their activities on UPDEED. 

  1. Safety & Privacy: 

We are dedicated to safeguarding personal information and privacy. People’s privacy allows them to select how and when they post on UPDEED, and interact more readily. 

  1. Dignity & Morality: 

Everyone, everywhere, and for all forms of information is subject to our UPDEEDer Guidelines. We believe that all individuals are equal in dignity and rights, despite the fact that it is a nonpolitical and nonreligious platform.  

We understand that words can signify different things to different people depending on their context, language, or background. We work hard to account for these subtleties while ensuring that our principles are applied uniformly and fairly to people and their expressions.  

Profiles, individual content in any format, and comments are all examples of possibly violating content that can be reported. People can also take control of their own experience by reporting profiles and posts. 

The degree of the infraction and the person’s history on the platform determine the severity of the repercussions for breaching our UPDEEDer Guidelines. For example, if someone violates our regulations for the first time, we may issue a warning, but if they continue to do so, we may restrict their ability to post on UPDEED.¬†

What isn’t allowed:

What is and isn’t allowed on UPDEED is outlined in our UPDEEDer Guidelines. In this¬†spirit, we ask that UPDEEDers adhere to these guidelines.¬†

  1. Scam or Fraud
  2. Nudity or Sexual Activity
  3. Hate Speech or Symbols
  4. Violence 
  5. Bullying or Harassment
  6. Intellectual Property Violation
  7. Suicide or Self Injury: 
  8. False Information 
  9. Spamming
  10. Political/ Religious Fanatical Behaviour
  11. Obsessive Promotions And Marketing 
  12. Not Relevant To Platform 
  13. Abusing the Platform

If you have any issues/complaints/feedback/suggestions, kindly contact us on the customer support desk.