UPDEED Profiles

UPDEED profile is mandatory to make to use UPDEED.

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What is my UPDEED profile?

UPDEED profile is a way for other users to identify you. It is mandatory to make before using the app. Every profile will contain a UPDEED ID, First Name, Last Name, Profile Picture and description. Except for UPDEED ID, everything is optional to fill.

Who can see my UPDEED profile?

Any user who is on UPDEED can view your profile. If you get featured on the gratitude wall, then your profile name will be visible to website visitors. However, to interact with your profile, the website visitor has to make a profile on UPDEED.

Can I share my Profile?

Yes, you can share your profile through your profile page. A sharable link can be sent to your contacts or anyone on UPDEED app. To access the profile or to interact with it, they must have an UPDEED profile.

Why do other users who want to interact with me should have an UPDEED profile?

UPDEED wants every profile to be secure and abuse free. It is essential to moderate the activities and stop any malpractices so that your experience of using UPDEED is great, every time. Therefore, we only allow registered users to interact with any UPDEED user. 

If you face any issues or challenge, you can contact us.