Attracting Top Talent: How Your Organization’s Impact Story Sets You Apart

In this age where it is very difficult to get the right candidate for the job, getting the best of employees is a challenge. But endemic today is the fact that having a good paycheck and basic benefits package is no longer sufficient to attract top talent.
A recent trend shows that today’s workers, especially the young millennial and Gen Z generations, are on the lookout for meaningful tasks that allow them to leave an impact. This is where the narrative of your organization as an impact story comes in.

An impact story–demonstrating how your organization makes a positive impact on the world–is like a proverbial magnet that helps you attract and retain talented workers.

This blog will delve into how harnessing the power of your narrative can:

  • Attract talent who share your values:
    Emphasizing your influence orients more people aligned with purpose toward your mission and vision.

  • Differentiate yourself from competitors:
    An impact story tells your own organization’s story in a space where job offers are pretty much all the same and illustrates how you are improving the world.

  • Boost employee engagement and retention:
    Employees need to see how their work positively affects others as this will make them feel more at home, fully engaged, and part of the success story of the firm.

  • Enhance employer branding:
    Communicate the impact you generate to create a favorable social culture that will attract employees who seek to work in organizations that have a positive impact on society.


Understanding Your Organization’s Impact Story

An impact story is a story in which the focus is on the shift that your organization brings to this world. It is not just about writing about events’ accomplishments but goes deeper into how your efforts are helping people, communities, and the planet in their daily lives.

Why it matters:

  • Connects with audiences:
    Emotional tale ingredient stories instill trust, involvement, and support for the impact stories.

  • Demonstrates effectiveness:
    It helps to achieve concrete results and demonstrates the outcomes your organization delivers.

  • Inspires action:
    Striking narratives can encourage people to contribute, get involved, and/or support your organization or non-profit.

  • Attracts talent & partners:
    Emphasize your influence to retain qualified employees and business relations.

To amplify the impact of your organization’s story, UPDEED has introduced an innovative tool – UPDEED Campaigns. This platform enables businesses and non-profits to connect with a purpose-driven global audience, effectively amplifying their social impact.
Through UPDEED Campaigns, organizations can showcase their efforts, achievements, and commitment to making a positive difference, fostering engagement, and attracting top talent who resonate with their values.


Building and Communicating Your Impact Story

There are numerous steps you can take in developing your brand and interactions with your audience and decision making but I find the most important one is to identify your core values. Having this clarity over what you value in life is also helpful because it becomes a decision-making tool for strategic or even operational choices.

It is also possible to use your core values to write a personal mission statement that takes you closer to your dreams and aspirations.

Here are some tips for communicating your values with stories:

  • Understand your audience
    Investigate your audience to find out aspects such as needs, interests, values, motivations, goals, and pain points.

  • Be authentic
    You should always be open to discussing your abilities, difficulties, risks, and objectives.

  • Tell stories
    As we have seen stories are effective when used in communicating values, establishing relationships, defining Self, and calling others to action.

  • Be transparent
    Consistently communicating the values by which you operate can increase trust and support from shareholders.


Case Studies

Example 1:

  • Patagonia:
    The company is well known for its activism and support of the environment and sustainability which makes it possible to attract people who support the idea of the company.
    Their ‘Don’t Buy This Jacket’ campaign to convince consumers to cut down on consumption spoke to the hearts of eco-savvy people. Such an approach to work and a mission that is clear and true make it possible to attract employees who are actively involved and want to make a change.

Example 2:

  • Warby Parker:
    Vision is affordable – the company is engaged in the production and sale of glasses and focused on ensuring affordable prices for customers, as well as social activities – the “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” program provides people in need with glasses.
    This corresponds with the desire of employees to engage in value-creating activities that go beyond making the shareholders richer and richer. Honest business management and social responsibility create a strong base for attracting the right employees whose values are ethical and impactful work.

Why a social impact workforce is good for your business.

  • Employee Engagement:
    An effective influence narrative ensembles psychological attachment to the organization’s objectives, which increases their involvement.
    The employees have an impression that they are part and parcel of something meaningful and their performance increases resulting in satisfaction.

  • Retention Rates:
    If the workers have the right corporate values that are in line with the corporate goal, it is easier for them to remain in the business.
    That their job impacts others helps minimize turnover and improve employer-employee relationships.

  • Brand Ambassadors:
    Those who embrace the purpose of a business turn into brand ambassadors in their organic way.
    This virally marketed organic growth brings in new employees and customers with the same values.


To Conclude

In today’s competitive job market, attracting top talent is crucial for long-term success. Your organization’s impact story, encompassing your mission, values, and achievements, can set you apart. By building a compelling and authentic narrative and integrating it into your recruitment processes, you can engage and retain high-quality employees.

Start developing and sharing your impact story today. Highlight your organization’s contributions to social, environmental, and economic causes to attract top talent who share your values and drive your mission forward.

Remember, a powerful impact story not only attracts the best talent but also fosters a committed, engaged workforce.
Together, we can shape a brighter future through the collective power of purposeful and impactful organizations.


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