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The influence market has grown dramatically and gained popularity over the last three years and continues to do so. Marketers did not have a wide range of options available when the internet and social media were not too common.

As social media platforms persist to fine-tune their deliverables and offering according to people’s interests, leading to an increase in the number of users engaging with them. And this clearly created a mammoth pool of potential champions to tap into.

With this expansion of social media, businesses and individuals now have access to an ever-larger audience and admiringly targeted demographics. As:
  • Individuals can stay trendy and relevant to contemporary developments with their quirky and persuasive audience
  • And businesses can see exactly which leads and conversions are coming from their social media endeavours.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, “Brands Spend More Than $100 per Influencer-Generated content. On average, brands spend around $174 for each piece of content that an influencer generates. With influencer marketing expenditure projected to rise in the coming years, you can also expect this average spending price to grow.”

It is not easy to become a social media influencer with a significant follower base. Moreover, it demands a lot of time and effort to reach a stage where you have influence over your audience.

But, if this is something you are really interested in, then UPDEED has got you covered.

In the Mediakix report, “3.2 million – 37.8 million estimation for the total number of influencers on other social media platforms that include – Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms.” And so is possible with UPDEED.

Well, UPDEED is comprehended to be a platform that spreads inspiration with one’s good deeds, but this journey is not just about inspiring, it is much more than that.

Do you know that UPDEED as a platform holds the potential to raise its UPDEEDers as influencers and expand their noble cause globally?

Surprising! Right?

Meanwhile, in times of social media expansion, users definitely lookout for opportunities to become an influencer and create an impact that resonates with the audience.

Let’s learn how to become an influencer on UPDEED and spread the word of POSITIVITY and GOOD DEEDS globally.

1. Create your Profile

Firstly, become one of the thousands of UPDEEDers that people visit every day for inspiration and motivation. Create your profile by logging into your existing Google Account or setting up an email id and password. And begin your journey to become an influencer on UPDEED.

2. Choose a Niche You’re Working For

To become an UPDEED influencer, you need to find a niche you are working for. The niche could be animal lover, child protector, educationist, gender equality advocate, health and wellness, mental health advocacy, youth developer, or environmentalist. This needs to be something you’re passionate about and create an impact on. 

Choosing the right niche is essential because you will have to spend a considerable amount of time researching it and posting content on that topic. Make sure you post about it regularly and consistently and don’t leave any scope of inactivity on the platform.

Your niche might even be a combination of different good deeds, as long as they’re not random. Here’s an example of an UPDEED influencer whose niche is food distribution and feeding the needy while traveling. As you can see, his UPDEED feed has a good balance of posts relating to all of these.

3. Create a Noteworthy Bio

Once you have decided on your niche, you need to start fine-tuning your UPDEED account. The very first thing that you need to focus on is developing a bio that instantly grabs people’s attention. It should talk about your story and give a core of your noble cause in a way that engages people.

Remember, it’s one of the first things that any NGO or a potential connection will see on your UPDEED account.

4. Share your Inspirational Stories

To become an influencer on UPDEED, photo sharing is just ‘not enough’ to cater to your true connections. Your stories must go along with captions. Use the caption to tell stories and communicate with your connections on an emotional level. Give them a reason to trust you, appreciate you, clap on your story and share it with their other connections.

However, in your pursuit of engaging them, don’t forget to be truthful and positive. Because that will be easily seen through and trusted. Most inspiring are the ones that are personal or experienced stories in a way that your audience finds interesting yet authentic.

Check out this example of an inspiring story of Yoga Nambiar.

Here, she talks about her journey for the last two decades in India working for the rights and dignity of India’s transgender minority. You can see that the story is well-received by her connections and that is reflected in the engagement – claps, and comments.

And this engagement rate is always in the key notice of NGOs and communities that helps these influencers grow and helps them reach an even larger audience.

5. Be Consistent in Story-telling

Being consistent in posting positive stories is another crucial requirement to evolve as an UPDEED influencer. Most influencers on UPDEED post daily. However, some of the influencers post a few times a day or even a few times a week.

According to one report, it is said that an increase in your content posting frequency can boost engagement rates. Having users from over 150+ countries and registering content in every second makes it fast-paced and content becomes obsolete quickly.  

Not necessary, you have 2-3 motivational stories every day, but to stick to the consistency, you can post one inspiring story and other posts can go as motivational quotes with an illustrative caption.

This way, you will make an intact connection with the audience and your consistency with positive stories will create an impact.

6. Engage with other UPDEEDers

We know, UPDEED is all about feeling positivity and spreading positivity with inspirational stories of changemakers around the world. Along with sharing, engagement works as an important factor that helps you become an influencer on UPDEED.

When someone comments on your story, make sure that you reply to them. Also, return the favor by clapping, sharing, and commenting on their stories as well.

Here’s a checklist that you can use to increase your post engagement:

  • Include a call-to-action in your caption.
  • Post at a time you’re likely to get maximum engagement.
  • Make more connections using the ‘Appreciate’ feature on profiles.
  • Follow similar profiles and engage with their content

7. Tag Changemakers and NGOs

Once you are in a form of regular posting and earning decent engagement, start outreaching. The most preferred way is to tag relevant NGOs and changemakers on your stories to put yourself on their radar. Sometimes, NGOs and communities even feature inspiring stories like the way UPDEED does. on their other social media handles like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook which ultimately gives you greater visibility.

You can also send direct messages to NGOs or individuals you think are relevant to your niche.

This works really well when you know that they have a collaboration history with influencers like you. Work on a pitch that talks about why you’re reaching out and how you can work with them and spread positivity.

8. Strive to become “Amazing People”

Featuring on Amazing People indicates you are the paragon of positive change, and you have to lead by setting an example for other changemakers.

UPDEED has one objective – To amplify the positive impact created by changemakers.

When you show extraordinary spirit with your good deeds to change the world, chances you are entitled to be given the most aspirational space on UPDEED’s Gratitude Wall. Along with it, a Green Tick (UPTICK) is given next to your profile picture to make your profile dazzle and enhance visibility to your profile. 

There are unlimited benefits from getting recognized as Amazing People including: 

  • Higher Trustworthiness
  • Higher Profile Authenticity
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Increased Credibility
  • Improved Search Footprint Coverage
  • Increases Chances of Media 

Once you become one of the flag bearers, you take the journey forward as an influencer with the responsibility to inspire many along the path with your content while following community guidelines.

Imagine relishing these perks on becoming an ‘Amazing People’. They not just look good but feel awesome when enjoyed by the already became Amazing People.

What are you waiting for? Show your exemplary efforts on UPDEED and with your influencing exertions grab the ticket to become one among the ‘Amazing People.’

9. Showcase your influencing domain by your Awards on the platform

UPDEED not only provides you a platform for sharing your good deeds but also recognizes the need of rewarding your impactful work. These rewards exhibit your noble work as a changemaker within the community of good-doers. 

When you enroll yourself on UPDEED as a changemaker showcasing a noble cause in a particular niche, you get nominations and awards from people around the world. 

Awards nominated for your exceptional impact and unwavering determination are displayed on your profile, generating a sense of authenticity in your work. 

Awesome! Isn’t it?


Positivity is the light you seek – and you are setting a spectrum of spreading love and happiness. 

Time to embark on a journey of unfurling inspiration and motivation with your influencing role on UPDEED.

Once you execute these simple steps, you become a part of extensive conversations happening on the positive space on the internet. Users and audiences will look to be a part of the conversation to engage with you if you have stories surrounding their interests and serving the positivity they are looking for.

In a nutshell, from creating a profile to ultimately reaching a mass audience, you can create an enormously positive impact on the world. Just follow the above-listed rules and you’ll start seeing the growth  in your career as a changemaker and be known as ‘UPDEED influencer.’

To start your journey to become an influencer on UPDEED, download the UPDEED App NOW!


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