Beyond Entertainment, Music Gives Voice to Social Issues

Dr Gurnam, an octogenarian from Punjab (a state in India) has become an epitome of inspiration for people of all ages due to his fervent love for music and writing.

In his book ‘A Flame of Fragrance,’ Dr Gurnam has penned down more than 80 songs with a motive to create awareness about social issues such as drug abuse, farmer’s debt, superstitions, and wasteful expenditure in weddings. Recently, during a concert, the musician graced the stage and sang a few of his compositions.

Music has the power to connect people, move emotions, and inspire change. It has the ability to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers and become a universal language. Throughout history, music has been used as a means to highlight social issues, from political oppression to human rights violations.

One good example of music being used to highlight social issues is the song “Strange Fruit,” originally performed by Billie Holiday in 1939. The song, written by Abel Meeropol, was a powerful protest against the lynching of African Americans in the southern United States.

Coveys the pain and sufferings

Holiday’s emotional delivery of the song, with her powerful voice conveying the pain and suffering of the victims of lynching, made “Strange Fruit” a significant moment in the Civil Rights Movement. The song became a rallying cry for those fighting against racism and

injustice, and it remains a powerful symbol of the struggle for racial equality.

In addition to highlighting social issues, music has also been used to bring people together and promote understanding between different cultures and communities. The song “We Are the World,” written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and performed by a group of top musicians in 1985, was a global anthem for unity and humanitarian aid. The song raised awareness and funds for famine relief in Africa and demonstrated the power of music to inspire positive change on a global scale.

Music has always been a powerful tool to express emotions, connect with people and convey messages.

By using melodies, lyrics, and rhythms, musicians have been able to touch the hearts of their listeners, inspire them and spread messages that matter. Music can be a good way to highlight social issues as it can reach people from different cultures and backgrounds, making it a universal language of communication.

It brings attention to social issues that are often overlooked or ignored. For instance, songs have been written to address issues such as

poverty, inequality, gender discrimination, racism, drug abuse, and environmental degradation.

Music can create empathy, evoke emotions, and help people understand different perspectives. It can also provide a platform for people to voice their concerns and contribute to creating social change. Music has the power to unite people and create a sense of community, which is essential for building a better society.

The tool to support a cause

In recent years, musicians have continued to use their platforms to highlight social issues and promote positive change. The song “This is America” by Childish Gambino, released in 2018, was a commentary on police brutality, racism, and gun violence in the United States. The song’s music video, which featured graphic scenes of violence, sparked a national conversation about race relations in America.

In conclusion, music can inspire, unite, and promote positive change. From Billie Holiday to Beyoncé, musicians have used their platforms to highlight social issues, from racial inequality to environmental degradation. Their music has brought attention to important issues and created a space for dialogue and action.

As we continue to face significant social and environmental challenges, music will remain a vital tool for creating awareness and promoting change.

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