Top 10 Influencers who are Working to Save Mother Earth

Our planet is the only one with continuous life, therefore it is becoming increasingly necessary to create a feeling of urgency to rescue our mother earth from all kinds of planet-harming actions. Our mother earth must be preserved since our very survival is dependent on it. It is our duty to promote awareness about the need for protecting our mother planet. The bad news is, the environment is in distress. The oceans are becoming increasinglyContinue reading “Top 10 Influencers who are Working to Save Mother Earth”

Top 10 Ways to Find Happiness in Little Things in Life

When the circumstances are difficult, everyone looks for methods to remain motivated and optimistic. Maintaining a positive attitude has a lot to do with how you see the world around you, yet altering your worldview can be difficult.¬†¬†Dealing with more significant concerns might cause us to lose sight of all the small pleasures in our lives and all the things we should be grateful about. The reality is that the little things will direct usContinue reading “Top 10 Ways to Find Happiness in Little Things in Life”

6 Inspirational Stories of Unsung COVID Warriors

One and a half years back, when the world was welcoming 2020, no one had ever thought that their lives would be turned upside down. Within the next three months, COVID pandemic hit and people were locked in their homes. While some countries did well, some faced tremendous difficulty in managing COVID-19 pandemic. This was a true global pandemic after the Spanish Flu of 1919. A few regions are still affected while a few areContinue reading “6 Inspirational Stories of Unsung COVID Warriors”

Why We Should Care for Gen Z to Stay Positive

In the past few years, there has been a lash out from the new internet first generation. Gen Z are the people who are currently 16-24 years of age. They are the new tech savvy, internet first generation the world has ever seen and they are taking the internet by the storm. If you remember, there was a very active campaign #bullymillennials online. It was used by Gen Z to lash out on millennials. MillennialsContinue reading “Why We Should Care for Gen Z to Stay Positive”

15 Positive Thoughts That Will Make Your Day

Every person needs positivity in their life.  It would help if you always had something to cheer you up or lift your spirits. All you need sometimes is a few words of encouragement, and you are all set to go to conquer your day. Positivity has a lifelong impact on your physical and mental health. What Positive Thoughts Do to Your Brain When you are experiencing positive emotions like joy, contentment, and love, you will seeContinue reading “15 Positive Thoughts That Will Make Your Day”