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How to Find and Support Change Makers on Social Platforms
Changemakers are philanthropists and innovators who forge ahead to bring a change in the world, help individuals fight off their challenges, and solve the world’s biggest problems. These individuals unite to transcend the world from rags to riches by grasping opportunities and coming forward from different walks of life. This initiative fosters positive change by fighting off adversities and encouraging you to do the same. With their micro-leadership skills, they aspire to bring a positive
As per the Oxford dictionary, inspire means, to give someone the desire, confidence, or enthusiasm to do something well  inspire somebody (with something) inspire somebody to somethinginspire somebody to do something  Inspiring someone to do something, in particular, is so underrated and possibly overlooked in a society where talent and abilities are the modes of measurement. Not everyone has the ability to go out of their comfort zone and help others to change their lives for
People clapping and appreciating each other
“Being told we are appreciated is one of the simplest and most uplifting things you can hear.” It is indeed human beings’ basic emotional need to feel acknowledged and appreciated by the society around them. Typically speaking, appreciation can be an important motivational factor that pushes individuals to contribute more towards their work, roles and to the cause, they are working for. Even from our childhood, we have been motivated to continue certain behaviors by