Choose to be kind and change the world

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

The fourteenth Dalai Lama

Kindness is one of the greatest virtues. It is a behavior that teaches you to act with generosity and respect for others. But a kind person never wants something in return. Your responsibility as a good human being is reflected through your behaviors. If you choose to be kind, polite, respectful, generous, and encouraging to others your world will smile at you.

In Indian culture, kindness has a special place. The ancient sages with their doctrines taught us kindness. In our epics, rituals, festivals, and kindness are always celebrated. In western philosophy and religion also kindness is also valued as a special possession of a character.  According to  Christianity, kindness is one of the seven virtues which a human being must possess.

To change the world you have to change yourself first! Everyone has the magical power of changing the world. The most important thing is that you have to realize the power within you. If you realize your potential you cannot only change yourself but can also transform the world around you. You can adopt many ways to change yourself and the world, but the first thing which you require is kindness.

1. Be kind and polite

Both western and eastern philosophies and religions celebrate kindness. From Mother Nature, we learn the best lessons of kindness. She bestows all her love to protect the creation. But human beings always engage themselves in meaningless fights, selfishness, and competition. Instead of being selfish, you should choose to be kind to others.  Your kind words can reduce the burden of pain on a person.

Politeness is a great virtue. If you are polite and humble to others you can earn respect from others.

Kindness is another sign of politeness.  You can show your kindness by donating things to others, sending emails, and greetings on special days.

2. Be generous

There is a proverb,  “Be a good Samaritan”. You should be generous to others. Both financial and emotional support can redeem a person from his problem.  You can also make out some time from your busy schedule to help even strangers. Helping a blind to cross a road, carrying loads for an elderly person, taking care of your neighbor’s child- are some acts of kindness. If you can help a person in need it will give you immense pleasure and satisfaction.

3. Have a smiling face

Smiles have a positive vibe. Your smile energizes you.  It boosts up your positivity. Smiles are contagious.  Your smile can bring a smile to others ‘ faces. It reduces tension and stress. If you smile you will feel a positive vibe encircling you. You can donate a smile to anyone at any time. Harvey’s Ball said ” Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile.”

Your smile can make others smile. A smile can travel miles. A smile is a symbol of affection, respect, and care.

4. Be confident

Confidence is a special feature of character.  It is always required in our life. If you are confident you can accept any challenge in your life. Your confidence can boost up a positive vibe, and confidence in others also.

5. Think positive

” Optimism is  the faith that leads to achievement.” Helen Keller

Thinking positively while you choose to be kind can certainly create magic in your life. With your positive thoughts, you can change the world around you. Be positive. Always share your positive encouraging thoughts with others.  You can boost up the soul of a demoralized person. You can change the attitude of your child or family with your optimism. If you think positively, something good will surely happen to you. This conviction is required.

6. Give time to yourself

Modern life is full of stress, and tension. No one has time to relax. Your extremely busy schedule drains your energy every second.  Will you not try to rejuvenate yourself?

To revive your energy, to freshen your mind, you should take a break from your routine. Give time to yourself, your family,  friends, and others. Take a cup of hot coffee, pick up a book of your choice or just call up a friend.  Enjoy your leisure.  It can fill your mind with freshness and s, your soul with positivity. If you are transformed from within

7. Don’t let negative thoughts overrule you

If your mind is always full of negative thoughts then you will not be able to achieve any success in your life.  The entire world will be hostile and humiliating to you. Failures, rejections, depression,  stress, hypertension, and above all anxiety generate a plethora of negative thoughts in your mind. Slowly it creoles your soul.

To change the world around you should deduct all sorts of ideas that pull you down. Motivate yourself with spiritual stuff, laugh aloud, choose to be kind and stop overthinking.

8. Create a comfortable  surroundings

Your presence, attitude, and language can transform the world around you.  Your confidence, smiling face,  positive gestures, and kind words to others can change the mood of any gloomy situation. In a workplace or amidst friends and family you should always try to create a comfortable zone around you.

9. Be contagious

How can you be co contagious? The charm of your character can mesmerize others. Your optimism, confident gestures, and soothing personality can be contagious! With your sublime philosophy of life, you can change the world around you.

10. Exercise every day

There is a proverb, ” Bad habits die hard.” Changing yourself is a tough task. First, you have to bring changes in your lifestyle. Following a healthy routine, balancing work and life, eating healthy foods, practicing good habits and regular exercise with meditation can transform you from within. If your mind is fresh and your body is full of energy your life will be flooded with optimism.

A disciplined life is full of success and confidence. You can transform the world if you are transformed from within.

11. Grab opportunities to make a difference

Orange floor made from white puzzle pieces and of piece puzzle paper cut this

Always be alert to grab any opportunities which allow you to make a difference for yourself and your surroundings. Choose to be kind to everyone.  Help the needy whenever you get a chance. It will not only serve society but also enlighten your soul.

“You’ve got to grab every opportunity that comes up.”

Dominic West

Life gives opportunities to everyone.  You should be prepared for every opportunity.  Therefore, your success will be based upon your efficiency in grabbing the opportunities of life.

Moreover, kindness is a feeling.  It should be reciprocated.  If someone smiles at you, you should also smile at him. If sometimes you get the help you should spread your hands also at the time of others’ need.

You should be kind to animals, birds, and every living thing in the world. If you choose to be kind to a stray dog it will be faithful to you forever.  If you feed animals and birds, you will find amazing peace in your life.

Last but not the least, you should be kind to Mother Nature. She is the epitome of love and kindness. You can prove yourself as the best of the creation through your love, kindness, generosity, and respect for others.

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