Education Matters – Pillar of a Better Future

The time has come when the world needs to know the importance that education holds. Previously, and unfortunately, even in this modern era, people in some rural areas do not pay heed to education as much as they should. For them, earning money is the main criterion and physical labor plays a major role in that. Letting them understand how education can pave the way toward a bright future is an interesting factor. A good job comes with a promising payroll, and finally, a successful career to call your own! All of that states the importance of education in today’s 21st-century era – thus, education matters.

The value that education teaches in life

It is really important to know the value that education attaches to your life. It is not just about quenching your thirst to know the unknown, but education clearly portrays life value and even paves way for the future generations to make it big.

Proper education will help people to address new inventions, making lives a lot easier for people in need. This is how the world moves forward. Let’s not waste any time further and learn more about how education helps to create a better future.

Helps in reducing the infant mortality rate

Have you ever heard of female feticide? Even though it’s the harsh truth, even in some rural parts of the world, a female child is considered to be bad luck for a family. People think that a female will only get married and leave for another family. On the other hand, a male child will help bring in dowry with marriage!

Yes, it’s definitely a sick concept! But, thanks to superstition and the age-old tradition of the dowry system and not letting a female learn, people still believe in killing a female child. Well, with proper education, presented equally to both genders, even females can create history!

Nowadays, people have started understanding that education matters and you can watch females in all senior positions in different industries doing wonders! They even reached the moon! So, education surely helps in opening people’s eyes, which in turn, helps in reducing the infant mortality rate.

Increasing human life expectancy

Let’s not forget how science has improved with every passing year. With a new era comes new technology and scientific advantages. Therefore, medical science has helped increase human life expectancy.

Those days are history when people used to live only up to 60 or 70 years because of their weak immune systems and bad medical conditions. Education has resorted to tremendous innovations in science that now you can get to celebrate your granddad’s century or 100th birthday as well!

Socializing and proper networking

If there’s one thing that can start an interesting conversation then that has to be a common topic! Maybe your new date likes movies or is a huge fan of sports cars! Or, maybe you are looking for a way to interact with your office colleagues on your first day at work!

Proper education will guide you to socialize and network with strangers at first, and later gather more information from their sides.

You get the opportunity to not just share your knowledge but gain some in return. Even get your facts checked by discussing and conversing with multiple people with the same interest field.

A perfect sense of accomplishment

This is yet another perfect example of how education matters when it comes to the development of the nation. How do you feel when you can crack the most important exam in your life? You have been preparing for the MBBS course for 5 years. Finally, on your graduation day, you kind of feel that sense of relief! That’s exactly with a sense of accomplishment feels like.

Proper education is able to offer that sense of relief and happiness that comes from within. It even gives you the zeal to learn even more and impress not just others, but yourself with your capability!

Increase the level of productivity

Have you seen the introduction of employee training that most businesses are raging about? Here, the employees will go through a series of training, to help them know more about the market and the trends that their job profiles hold. Well, it is a clear example that education is limitless. It doesn’t have a stop button!

With more knowledge under your sleeve, you get to increase your productivity level to reach for the sky! Not just related to official matters, but education has the power to change your concept in life!

Boosting economic growth and increasing a country’s GDP

Education has the power to raise the level of productivity and creativity. It further helps in stimulating entrepreneurship and some technological breakthroughs. All these factors will actually lead to that amazing output, resulting in the country’s economic growth. Therefore, in order to improve a country’s GDP, you need to be aware of educational growth among individuals from the very beginning.

Improving thinking ability:

The primary mission of education is to promote thinking skills among individuals. Critical thinking is an active process, which allows you to evaluate your own activities and achievements when applied appropriately.

With proper education comes critical thinking. It is valued as the highest order of reasoning and also a skill, which is transversal to the educational organism. With education by your side, you get to improve your thinking ability more!

Advancing your career opportunity

Now, this is a common fact to show that education matters! Everyone knows that to achieve something in life, you need to work hard for it. Similarly, to bag those top job posts, education is your only pathway to follow. With proper education, you get to win multiple certifications. These certificates prove your worth, which in turn, helps you to get the job of your dream!

Environment benefits

Moreover, nowadays, environmental education has been a major subject in school to teach little ones from a tender age. Have you ever considered why? Proper environmental education helps the students to understand how their actions and decisions will affect the environment. 

Proper education will help everyone to build the necessary skills and knowledge to work against some of the complex environmental issues. The main concern is to keep the environment healthy and sustainable for the future generation to enjoy.

Societal benefits:

Society will only improve when there is a huge surge of education among individuals. Your society needs knowledge to grow, and proper education is the key.

  1. Get the chance to promote empowerment and equality in society through proper education.
  2. Educational means will help people to earn in honest ways, which in turn, reduces crime numbers.
  3. Want to reduce the current gender-based violence in society? If so, then you need education from the very beginning.

Organizations working for Education on UPDEED

Underprivileged members of society are the true victims of education deprivation. That’s why hundreds of organizations are disseminating awareness about how education matters with the goal to bring about a revolutionary shift in the world. These organizations aim to provide quality education to everyone, with the caste, and religion, being no bar. It is a perfect example of humanity. 

Out of those hundreds, Unmukt Foundation and Patripathshala, being constant in showcasing their efforts in bringing change through education, let’s see how: 

Unmukt Foundation

Unmukt Foundation, headed by Shweta Agarwal, as they say – ‘Empower underprivileged children to get the access to education to unleash their dreams.’ The organization strives to construct a space – where the learners choose, co-create, co-exist, and co-excel; where individuals can liberate their inner artists; where communities learn to care for the environment. Unmukt provides students with formal and non-formal education to augment and address gaps in mainstream schooling while also fostering environmental sensitivity and highlighting local indigenous culture.


Patripathshala, was established by Amit Gupta, who aims to educate children who cannot afford to pay high-end school fees. They visit various slum areas and look for needy children and deliver them quality education. Amit sincerely believes that knowledge is intended to be shared, and through his organization, he ensures that children receive continuous education without interruption, and they keep a close eye on their progress.

On UPDEED, Unmukt, and Patripathshala are pushing toward amplifying the need and impact of education among individuals. 

All in all, these organizations focus on unfurling the message of the necessity of building a literate society that can further support the nation in the development process.

Through these organizations, education won’t be limited to the upper class only. Every child has the right to get an education and these firms are making that happen. Yes, it takes time to bring some changes in society, and with UPDEED, let’s take a step forward and reach out to changemakers globally intending to bring – ‘change is on its way!’

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