From Kerosene Lamps to Solar Power: Meet the Solar Man of India Lighting Up Rural Villages

Back in 2009, Sachin Shigwan was visiting rural villages with the Rotary club to develop them. During the visit, he observed that the rural students are using kerosene lamps to study. This took him back to the days when he used to study under a kerosene lamp.

This incident led to the formation of the Green India Initiative – a for-profit social enterprise, aiming for rural electrification through renewable energy projects since 2014.

Meet Sachin Shigwan, who has done his MBA in Social Entrepreneurship and contributed towards the enhancement of society over the last decade. Appreciating his work, folks are recognising him as The Solar Man of India for his phenomenal work towards rural electrification through solar energy as an innovative and sustainable solution.

The mission to light-up

The Solar Man of India is not only a title, but a life of an individual who is not only environmentally conscious but has taken up the mission to light up the lives of millions of underprivileged people with the help of solar energy.

Shigwan has established the organisation with a mission of lighting up 1000 villages by 2025. 

Green India initiative is currently working as a bridge between the donor and beneficiaries to execute their CSR projects in Rural India. The organisation plays an implementing agency role with the inclusion of engineering, procurement, execution and commissioning of the project in a systematic way. 

The Gram Energy Project was designed and executed by the Green India Initiative team to improve rural electrification by providing street lighting systems, school infrastructure, water lifting facilities, potable water arrangements and livelihood opportunities through solar energy. 

Additionally, to overcome the dependency on fossil fuels, Green India Initiative has been working for several years on universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy – SDG 7 (Sustainable Development Goal) interlinked with various green energy projects. 

As per Green India Initiative, it has completed more than 510+ villages and covered ten states of India. During the project execution, the team has touched up 50,000+ beneficiaries and has helped to reduce 1600+ tons of carbon footprints emission from the environment.

Solar Man – with a purpose

Over the decade, Shigwan created goodwill in the market as a CSR consultant by helping many corporates to execute their dream projects in numerous areas of impact. 

Today, the man is creating awareness about clean and green energy among various corporate employees under the Solar Ambassador Program (online/offline) by discarding the use of kerosene lamps from the life of underprivileged people. 

Also, he is invited as a speaker in various corporate companies to share knowledge regarding solar energy and how it can be beneficial for the specific individual through Solar Ambassador Program (Light A Life). Through this program, many like-minded people have taken steps towards environmental protection & reduction in carbon footprint. 

To date, Shigwan has completed more than 100+ workshops (online/offline) and has trained more than 5000+ beneficiaries during the program. The Solar Man has learned various things during his life journey which; will be impacting in his foresight days one; of the examples is, Learning is a continuous process and each human being can learn whenever the opportunity knocks on the door. 

Recently Sachin Drupada Yashwant Shigwan (aka The Solar Man of India) has also been recognized on the India’s 100 Future Leaders 2023 and on TEDx Platform of BHIS Kanpur for his exceptional work towards the rural part of India.

Green India Initiative has seen a lot of hardships and struggles to reach the position where it stands today! Green India Initiative was recognised and awarded under the category of ‘Greenpreneur – Rural Development Sector through Solar Energy. 

GIIPL’s contribution to rural development has been immaculate and is the sole reason for this achievement. Also, various other social platforms like Sony BBC Earth & Sustainability Champion have recognized The Solar Man of India for promoting solar energy in the arena; Rural Development. 

He has been covered in various business magazines such as Corporate Social Focus – July 2022 and influenced many people through his YouTube video covered by famous influencers like Abhi & Niyu and Anuj Ramatri, who are linked with the environment. The story of The Solar Man of India is featured in the Marathi book ‘Saptarang Udyajakteche’. 

The Solar Man is one of the green entrepreneurs who identify the need in the marketplace and works to fulfil it for such tremendous work; the villagers, corporate members and professionals from the social service field convened him as The Solar Man of India.

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