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Aashi Jain


It was in 2019 when a law undergraduate, @ilsafatma realised how little common people know about their rights and laws given to them by the constitution. She founded Aarohanam, a non governmental organization aimed to spread knowledge of law among common people and less privileged ones to empower them. The organization is active in 16 cities of India and is raising awareness regarding laws related to various fields. The organisation is also working for rape victims and domestic violence survivors. So far they have rescued 4 women from domestic violence in four different cities. The team is actively raising awareness on social media platforms as well. "Our main aim is to raise awareness about our rights and laws among each and every sector of the society and strengthen and educate them." said Ilsa Fatma, founder of the organization. #justice #education #awareness

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  • ilsa fatma - Thankyou so much ♥️♥️
  • Diwakar Vadivel - Being a present law graduate I could relate it more. Thank you for sharing.