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Animal Warriors Conservation Society


A cat was trapped in a balcony of a house on 5th floor. She was stuck for more than a week. Unable to get out she kept crying . She was dangerously walking on the edges. We wanted the cat to walk out safely , as she may jump if we approach close . So we made a ramp (an iron platform which we carried 5floors) and placed in such a way the she can safely walk out of the house to nearby corridor. It was raining continuously making things very complicated . After 7 hours of efforts in rain we could save the animal. Cat walked out safely as planned . Each rescue is very hard but our team works with dedication no matter of the weather conditions . Support us towards the cause. #animalrescue #thedodo #cats #cutecats #technicalrescue #rains #monsoon #rainrescue

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  • Sachin Shukla - Wow!! Kudos to you guys!
  • Tanu Tiwari - Great workπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»