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The Dead River Project


From our days of initiation in 2018 we have had ups and downs but we are happy to share that we had an amazing journey and definitely a few challenging months of lockdown but those have shaped us to become who we are today. We were supported by you all on every step of our way and we were encouraged to keep moving despite the tough circumstances. As an organization, our initial years of learning have surely helped us establish ourselves in more dynamic way, both offline and online. As we are slowly growing up we are becoming conscious that our world has actually changed from how it was in Pre-Covid era and we realize the importance of communities that define our environment. We would like to take steps that strengthens the sense of community and try and build bridges to bring various voices to the forefront. Those of you who have been following us understand that to bring communities together and honest voices out in the opening we have launched various campaigns. As we move ahead we will keep updating you all about them in detail. Our vision is to connect communities, spread awareness and bringing collective solution to counter global climate change and water crisis is incomplete without your support.

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  • Sachin Shukla - Amazing! More power to you guys! 🙌
  • The Dead River Project - Thank you 🙏