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Zodidi Tyala


UNIVERSITY OF CAPE TOWN (UCT) – Office of inclusivity and change (OIC) The UCT OIC is an organisation within the UCT community that offers institutional responses and support transformation. It grants the community a safe space to express themselves and be free to do so. It has three streams. First, is the Disability services. The disability services advocates inclusivity for persons with disabilities by removing barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from expressing themselves and fulfilling their potential. Second, is the Survivor support. It supports the survivors of sexual assault, harassment and other forms of violence and discrimination. It encourages survivors to come forward and speak up about their experiences and challenges such as trauma, depression, anxiety etc. Third, is the Relations strategist. This stream of the organisation provides services and a range of activities within the context of diversity and sensitivity training at UCT. This stream is said to provide services such as case management advice and support to respondents and awareness raising. The video attached below was complied to support and empower women with physical and hidden disabilities in sports around the world.

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