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The Kabadiwala


The Plastic bag Wall Experiment by The Kabadiwala! When passing through the Jam-packed plastic polythene wall became suffocative, people of Bhopal said no to plastic! On the Occasion of International Plastic bag free day, The Kabadiwala, placed a wall with a passage full of plastic polythene at a crowded market place. While people tried passing through it, The Kabadiwala team captured their reactions. When asked about the experience, people found it absolute disgust, suffocative and unpleasant. Through this social experiment, The Kabadiwala was successful to spread awareness about the hazardous effects of plastic on marine life, humans, animals, lands and nature since a single plastic bag can fall apart into million of plastic pieces that floats to water bodies, goes to landfills, is absorbed into layers of soil and is eaten by thousands of animals daily, deteriorate the quality of soil, release harmful gases like Methane & Ethylene that contribute towards Climate change. It takes more than 500 years for a single plastic bag to decompose hence, the damage is huge but the realization still lacks! You can check the video @ https://youtu.be/KQoHbxCZhFI

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  • Tanu Tiwari - An eye opener!! Great work @thekabadiwala teamπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»