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Shirley A


Corporate and Covid Helper Power Couple The locality I live in is filled with senior citizens, as it is an idyllic paradise for retired people. With the Covid19 restrictions at an all time high during the early months of 2020, household helpers and domestic services were discontinued. An anonymous couple during these tough times doubled as corporate people, despite their extremely high positions at their place of work, and household helpers. They sweeped and swabbed their floors, did their dishes, procured their groceries all for the experienced citizens of our society. With no compulsion and extreme humility it was touching to see how the couple took things in their own hands and worked as hard as they did. Even with this locality’s wealthy and elite, the richest are those who possess a heart of gold and a certification of true mettle, regardless of their big bank balances and fancy degrees. Truly, action speaks louder than words and a helping hand in time is worth any sum of money.

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