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Weaving Together


Everyone deserves a warm meal.💔 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today, I saw this little girl (she works as a rag picker) sitting outside a bakery asking for food. So, I asked her what she’d like to eat and she wanted a samosa (indian snack) so, I got her two, she seemed to enjoy it. Later, we went in the same direction I needed to get to my car and she needed a quiet place to eat.💔 It’s so heartbreaking to see these young children begging for food, it’s common everywhere in our country, some adults have made it a business getting younger ones into begging standing at traffic signals, banging the car windows, asking for money and then there are people like this little girl, who work for earning a living but still need to ask for food from time to time. I have heard people say that one shouldn’t enable such kids, they develop a habit of begging and if we keep giving them money then they won’t work in life, so maybe don’t give them money but at least give them some food, food is the least we can do. There’s never any harm in helping a hungry person with some food.✨💓 And always BE KIND.💫 #weavingtogether #ngo #proud #nonprofit #nonprofitorganisation #blanketdistribution #blankets #winter #poorpeople #donationdrive #social #socialcause

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  • Elisabeth W. Alfanisa - Yesss, always be kind
  • Jijen Sherlin - God bless you!