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Shubhi Verma


Mrs. @homemapa , a Panchkula citizen and founder of Nanhe Kadam, one of Punjab and Haryana's most well-known non-governmental organisations, aspires to assist disadvantaged children and women in escaping their deplorable lives. She is a respected member of Durga Shakti, a community for women's welfare, in addition to being the vice-chairperson of Nanhe Kadam. Renu Goel lost her mother when she was a small child. Her father, a respected prosecutor, has been a driving influence in her life since then, and she discovered her passion in assisting underprivileged people at a young age, and through the years, she began taking tiny efforts to alleviate the person's suffering. On May 10, 2010, she and her son decided to start an initiative called Nanhe Kadam, which has so far financed education for over 100 children in Punjab and Haryana communities. She does everything from offering education, health check-ups, and basic assistance to providing sex education. She has worked with over 100 volunteers to far. Every year, she sponsors the education of 50 children and provides funding for other extracurricular activities. In simple terms, she is a true superhero who works relentlessly to bring about social change. #LetsUPDEED​ #LetsBeKind

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