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Himanshu Bhansali


Topic:- But Why Always You? "You wake up early to prepare the tiffin for the children when we are asleep You never miss preparing the food on time so that we don't get late to reach our office You take the whole responsibility of housework so that we can live our life happily. But Why always you? Isn't that inequality? Even we are also the part & parcel of the family and It is our fundamental duty to help you in work"❤✨ Women are not machines these are also Simple Humans & I think If every woman thinks & acts like Anupama then no woman will need to defend themselves in front of society 👩‍🎓 "Education is the only Source that can fill the gap of inequality, discrimination & will change the way of looking from commodity to a potential resource that will shape the future of India".🤝🇮🇳🥇 #women #empowerment #power #housework #education #inequality #discrimination #defend #knowledge #society #family #learning #instagram #youtube #facebook #twitter #Positivethought

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  • Sachin Shukla - Thumps up for such a beautiful and strong message 🙌
  • Oliver James - 👏🏻👏🏻