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Sachin Shukla


Someone once told me that “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”  and in today’s day and age this holds true more than ever. In the past two years, we have witnessed the best of humanity and if there’s something that each one of us should be grateful for is the changemaker that is hidden in all of us! Earlier this year, I decided to pursue my passion and help changemakers come together and connect through our platform @updeed . If there’s one thing that lights an immense sense of gratitude in me is that there are so many #Superheroes who wear an invisible cape and work tirelessly to save the world while making it a better place! As we wrap the year and ring in the celebration mood, I'm grateful to the team who worked tirelessly and believed in my vision to create an impact while heightening the need for societal change! #Gratitutde #Goodbye2021 #YearEnd #PositiveThoughts

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  • Oliver James - True... UPDEED has enlightened our 2021 with so many emotions. Not only it has showcased the real-life heroes but also helped a lot of people like me to find a changemaker within themselves. I'm thankful to UPDEED for bringing the best out of me.
  • Meera Das - 👏👏True said... Thank you UPDEED for showing us the other side of the world. We did not know there would be such people who are doing so many noble deeds for society. Thank you for introducing them to the world. #LetsUPDEED​​