How are you Planning your New Year Goals?

The beginning of a New Year is the appropriate time to turn a fresh page. Maybe that’s why millions of people make New Year’s resolutions. This, eventually help everyone to grow emotionally, psychologically, socially, physically, and intellectually. But this is a common query that how do you plan to achieve your goals? Here. let’s try to evaluate our goal setting practices.

Why We Make Resolutions?

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The New Year feels like a fresh active bright start. We feel like we are back to square one and ready for new challenges while setting out goals. Millions of people wish to change at the beginning of every year promising lofty resolutions. But, according to a series of studies, only 12% achieve what they desire or aim for.

The most common resolutions that people usually make for the new year – including maintaining a healthy diet, working out regularly, losing weight, quitting bad habits, and making better financial choices.

What is the reason behind people taking the resolution to change at the beginning of every year?  

According to the studies of researchers, the “new start effect” has noticed how temporal landmarks can inspire aspirational manner. Making resolutions can also bring great opportunities to overcome struggles with determination and sincerity. 

So, what should you do to make it more probable that you can keep your next resolution? The following tips may help you on how do you plan to achieve your goals.

Make A Specific Goal

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Every year millions of people make resolutions to lose weight. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or quitting smoking and other noxious addicting habits in the upcoming year.

Before setting a goal, you should focus on something which is concrete enough so that you can implement your goals. In short, choose a specific and achievable goal.  

For example, you should take the resolution to spend less money on unnecessary shopping. To stop eating junk food on a regular basis, or to make a daily to-do list. Be sure of making your goal realistic rather than drastic. Setting a concrete goal also helps you to plan accordingly. Like how do you plan to achieve your goals this new year?

Limit Your New Year Resolutions

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While making New Year’s resolutions you need to focus on one goal and invest your energies in it. As it is better than involving yourself among many different objectives.

Achieving even one small goal can boost your self-confidence.

For larger goals, you can break them apart into small manageable parts to work on at a time. The American Psychological Association suggests that focusing on one particular behavior at one time is more likely to lead a long-term success.

Setting too many goals at once can be challenging. It can be problematic because we know new behavioral patterns usually take time and effort to set down. So, paying attention to one particular goal makes keeping a resolution much easier to achieve.

Start With Small Steps

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Taking on too much too early is an often reason so many new year’s resolutions fail. There are certain ways to derail your plans:

Like, starting an extremely restrictive diet, or completely changing your normal behavior, or overdoing at the gym. Instead,  place the focus on taking small steps which will finally help you to achieve your larger goal.

Tiny Steps Lead to Success

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If you have thought of running a marathon, then you should start out with a jog 3-4 times a week. Gradually, work up to longer runs and start working out more days per week.

If you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet, then you should start by replacing your favorite unhealthy foods with more nutritious foods.

Other ways of maintaining a healthy diet – like adding in a greater variety of vegetables, reducing the portion, size and stopping eating fried food or junk food outside.

It may seem like a slow start, but these tiny steps make it easier to stick to your healthy habits and increase the probability of long-term success.

Avoid Repeating Past Failures

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Another important thing to keep in mind while making a resolution is to not make the same exact resolution year after year.

Wise-man once said in an interview with The Guardian – “If people think they can do it, they probably can. But if they have already tried and failed, their self-belief will be low.”

If you decide to reach for the same goals, you have tried for in the past, then you need to spend some time evaluating your previous results.

Which were the most effective strategies that you made to keep your resolution? Which were the least effective and what has stopped you from keeping your resolution in previous years?

Consider changing your resolution marginally to make it more possible. By altering your approach,  you’ll be more likely to see the real result this year.

Renew Your Motivation this Year

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During the initial period of a New Year’s resolution, you will feel truly optimistic and motivated to plan to achieve your goal. Some changes might seem too easy since you haven’t yet faced any trouble or difficulty related to changing of behavior.

After confronting the reality of dragging yourself to the gym at 7 a.m. or gritting your teeth through a headache brought on by nicotine withdrawal,  your inspiration to keep your resolution may decrease.

Whenever you deal with such moments, remind yourself exactly what reason you are doing this. Think about what will you gain by achieving your goals. Looking for various sources of motivation and inspiration can keep you going when times get really tough.

Get Support

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Yes, you must have heard this advice a lot of times, and it is because the buddy system really works. Coping up with anxiety, stress, depression is very important as it generally leads to less productivity, affects a person’s health.  Having a constant support system may help you stay motivated and responsible. Friendship or mutual support makes sticking to your resolution more fun, too. So, ideally, you should look for a loved one or a pal to join you in your goal.

To sum up, a holistic pattern of life with peace of mind can boost up positivity in your life. The wheel of life will present tears and smiles alternately. It is you, who can train your subconscious mind to always be positive in your life. If you are looking for more positive inspiration, then UPDEED is the right platform for you. You can connect with thousands of change-makers who can help you boost positivity in life.

If you are looking for more inspiring ideas on how do you plan to achieve your goals, then UPDEED is the right platform for you. You can connect with thousands of change-makers who can help you bring more interesting ideas collectively.

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