How paper bags are influencing the sustainable lifestyle

The increasing climatic changes and global warming have started to show their harmful impact on living organisms. As you can perceive that the weather cycles are deviating unpredictably, can you guess what are the reasons for such changes?

Unfortunately, humankind and their unhealthy ways of living have become the chief reason behind the increasing global warming. Living organisms will perish with time if you don’t get aware immediately. It’s time to say “NO” to plastic and “YES” to paper bags

Paper Bags: the healthier option

Over the centuries, people have used paper bags mostly for trade and commerce. It has been a tradition to pack large quantities of goods in jute bags for transfer from the manufacturer to the retailer. Paper bags helped in selling smaller quantities to the buyers from the retailer. 

Over time, people started using plastic bags that may appear more beneficial apparently. But once you start delving deeper, you will realize that plastic bags can never be the better alternative to paper bags.

Sustainable living vs zero waste living

Paper or plastic? This question is plaguing millions of shoppers worldwide every minute. And the question steers you to a serious debate between sustainable living and zero-waste living. Although the two movements have the same target, there are some subtle differences.

  • If you are aiming for sustainable living, you will try to lower your overall environment in several ways. 
  • But when you plan for zero-waste living, your focus will be on the reduction of plastic use only. 

An example will help in better understanding. 

If someone’s primary goal is zero-waste living, the person can comfortably eat meat that doesn’t come in plastic bags. But when you support a sustainable lifestyle, you will not have meat at all. It is about considering the bigger picture where animal killing has an environmental impact and raises ethical concerns too. 

Paper bags lead a sustainable lifestyle as you try to utilize fewer fossil fuels and other natural resources. It will always make a huge difference, as individual contributions will always lead to a greater impact together. Every day, people all across the world use paper bags. People are embracing sustainable living choices by using paper bags in a world where demands are increasing due to globalization, climate change, and a scarcity of raw materials.

Paper bags are made of durable paper that can withstand more weight than a flimsy single-use plastic bag. Before reusing the paper bags, iron them to restore their appearance. Meanwhile, used plastic bags are frequently wrinkled, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Paper Bag Manufactured from Eco-Friendly Sources

Many of you may demand that paper is also harming nature to some extent, as you need to cut down trees to get paper. And it’s true. That is why paper manufacturers nowadays have come up with better eco-friendly solutions to acquire paper. 

Some of these solutions include the use of: 

1. Sugarcane waste (Bagasse)

Bagasse is the residue left after juice extraction from sugarcane. The crushed mass contains 45% cellulose, 20% lignin, 28% pentosans, 2% minerals, and 5% sugar. Due to the high content of cellulose, it is a viable raw material for the paper industry. 

2. Straw

The fibers of straw are a great option for making paper. Many farmers in rural India burn the crops. But if they sell the straw, they will earn money and the straw can aid in paper making.

3. Jute twin

It is used when it comes to specialty paper and high-quality writing papers.

4. Coconut husk

The husk of coconuts is an eco-friendly option for creating papers with a thicker texture. 

5. Elephant excreta

 Are you blinking your eyes on reading this? Well, you read it correctly. Elephant excreta is now a resource for making eco-friendly paper bags. As the excreta is an easily decomposable material, it takes a minimum time to undergo disintegration. 

As a result, it takes little time to make the paper out of the material. 

Environmental benefits of Paper Bags

Environmentalists are continuously trying to spread awareness about using eco-friendly products all the time. As you know well, plastics are one of the major concerns adding to the degradation of environmental conditions. 

It’s time to know how paper bags can play a significant role in enhancing the environmental conditions and controlling the growing pollution levels leading to global warming

1. Biodegradable

Any bio-degradable matter is not harmful to the environment. You will be horrified to know that plastic matters cannot undergo decomposition. So the plastic that you are using now, may linger on the Earth’s surface for the coming 1000 years or more. 

Instead, if you shift to paper bags, you are opting for a bio-degradable option. It implies that the bacteria can decompose the paper and simplify it into the basic elements that go into the soil and air. 

  • Plastic is infiltrating the topsoil, leading to infertility of soil in the dumping areas. 
  • But paper bags may decompose within 6 months. So, it can end up being the fertilizer for the crops, increasing the fertility of the soil.

Therefore, paper bags will be more ecologically sustainable.

2. Recyclable

Recycling refers to the process of natural or artificial breakdown of things to create elements that can go into the making of other useful things. Paper is 100% recyclable.

If you try to recycle plastic, it will only emit toxic gases into the atmosphere during the process. So it’s better to use paper that is completely recyclable. Moreover, the process of recycling is not causing additional environmental hazards. 

3. Energy saver

The production process of many substances requires the burning of fossil fuels and using techniques that are not good for the environment. But once you understand the process of making paper, you will realize that it is much more energy-efficient and does not cause any loss of energy. 

4. Helpful In Conserving Natural Resources

Conservation of Nature is perhaps the most important advantage of paper bags. 

  • The extraction happens from unbleached and recycled brown kraft paper. This saves energy, and natural resources and omits the greenhouse effect.
  • Complete decomposition of the material after use aids in zero accumulation in Nature. 
Thus, paper bags can be the savior of the environment.

Because of the time and effort that manufacturers put into producing appealing paper bags for their items, paper bags have become a fashion and status symbol in today’s market. Customers provide free advertising and endorsement by carrying attractive paper bags that advertise the company’s brand.

Paper bags have numerous eco-friendly advantages for individuals who use them. They can be cared for and utilized repeatedly. They are biodegradable and recyclable. Paper bags are created from a sustainable natural resource, can be reused multiple times, and can be delivered to a paper mill to be recycled into new paper. In fact, paper bags use less energy to recycle than plastic bags.

The making of stylish paper bags inspires the modern generation to buy these bags. 

Why mankind should start the usage of paper/jute bags to initiate a move towards a sustainable world.

If mankind does not support the idea of a doomed future, now is the time to take the necessary action. If you continue using plastic, you are suffocating the entire world to the point of death.

Not only humans, but animals will also perish. Organizations working on the same cause regularly reflect their impact on UPDEED. If you go through their work procedures and principles, you will realize what a splendid job they are doing. And the job is incredible!

There are some organizations that dedicatedly work to develop paper bags either from waste or scratch to deliver a sustainable way to lead an environmentally friendly life. These organizations are doing an appreciable job of spreading the word of awareness. Mentioning here an organization from UPDEED to show how it is paving the way to a better future while promoting the use of paper/jute bags.


Théla is enabling new choices with products that complement sustainability and fashion at the same time. By encouraging the purchase of sustainable, useful goods rather than disposable plastic, they are empowering consumers to make thoughtful decisions. Through UPDEED, Théla is able to reach more people and make them aware of the need to stop using plastic bags and start using paper/jute bags for the betterment of people and the planet.

As trees are diminishing, water bodies are receding, and snow from the polar areas is melting, don’t you need to bother? What’s the use of technological progress if you cannot assure the existence of the planet after a few years?

You can encourage the new-age people to start using paper bags for a safer and healthier future. It’s time to work together to save the planet. Spread the word and encourage others to use paper bags to give the next generation the brightest future possible.

Connect with organizations that promote the use of paper bags in daily life as a way of inspiring people to live more sustainably on UPDEED.

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