How to Deal with Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions

Perhaps the most important trait that ties us to being human is the fact that we have emotions. Emotions bridge the gap between merely existing and actually living life. There are six basic emotions: love, joy, surprise, sadness, anger, and fear. All of these lie on a spectrum that we, as humans, find ourselves sliding across daily. These feelings that sprout in our hearts and minds define our day-to-day lives. But when we buy the tickets to the roller coaster ride of emotions, we probably experience a turn-off situation in all joyful moments.

Some emotions like love, happiness, or even loneliness push us to care for the ones we cherish or pursue company and affection. Others, like anger or fear, make us react more negatively, but with the sense that change is required for improvement. Simply put, our emotions guide us to live to our fullest by continually paving the path we walk upon with time, and so, it becomes imperative to feel true and acknowledge them. Emotions are the key to communication as they build our most human instinct, i.e., reaching out.

The past couple of years under the course of the pandemic have had most of us experience a range of emotions. While we sit safely inside our homes, the anxiety of covid still worries us. Emotions are subconscious; they lead the way for our feelings to turn into actions. They exist because we require them; they help us to survive, make choices, and not only understand but to be understood as well. But, a question arises: are all emotions healthy?

Emotional Roller Coaster – a Ride Not Worth Taking

In contrast to the spectrum of emotions most people range across, some people take a more rocky road. Constant elation followed by feeling low leaves people drained of both mental and physical energy. Ups and downs in emotions lead to people taking actions without much consideration, which can later prove to be a cause of concern and regret.

For many, it becomes difficult to hop off this roller coaster ride of emotions since their logic and rationale are clouded because of how their feelings are spinning out of control. There are many ways to deal with overwhelming emotions. Here are a few ways to keep your emotions under control:


Take some time out to discover what is causing you to feel a certain way. You could be mentally exhausted by sudden changes in how you feel, and the shift in your emotions could either be fueled by pain or anxiety. What one must remember is to look deeper into why these emotions are surfacing. More often than not, it is the result of focusing on the wrong thing rather than actually considering what is happening. Hence, it is good practice not to narrate the events to yourself and bind your emotions to just that single perception.


Most actions are a result of a thought. Emotional roller coasters can make us act irrationally and impulsively – we tend to think about the worst possibility of uncertainties. We might say something regretful as a result of sudden anger, or we might push people away as a result of certain fears. It is crucial to think before acting and weighing out all the possible outcomes of our actions. Taking a breath and thinking can help avoid any unwanted situations.


Emotions exist before our feelings do; they are formed subconsciously as a result of our body’s response to certain circumstances. When your emotions seem to override other aspects of your life, it could be a knock on your door by our friend Change. Bringing about change in life can highly alter your state of mind. Walking out of an unhappy relationship or taking the time out solely for yourself. Change can slow down the roller coaster ride of emotions you are on and even help you get off.


Ignoring your emotions will never make them go away. Running from problems does not make them leave, but only delays the effect they will have on you, often building it up too. Accepting that you have emotions is the first step to learning how to control them. Emotions make you human, and they exist because we need them. Knowing this can change one’s view of life.


There are many ways to deal with overflowing emotions. Practice healthy methods of channeling your emotions and watch your mind feel less burdened by the weight of it all. Activities such as meditation and mindfulness are good ways of focusing your energy on positivity and decluttering your mind. Another helpful tool is journaling – writing your emotions down helps in having a personal space to vent. Indulging in art or physical activity releases dopamine and endorphins and lifts the burden off one’s shoulders.

Amplify your Productivity

Let’s dive into understanding a quick and easy approach to increase your productivity keeping aside your emotional sufferings- Firstly, organize each day ahead of time, identify your most essential chore, and begin working on it first. Second, start working on it with no interruptions or emotional distractions, then take a fifteen-minute rest with a calm mind. Third, restart and work until it’s done. In the end, you’ll find rewarding yourself with boosted work output and this will deliver you immense joy to elevate your mood of the day.


Being vocal about how you feel is the most important way of dealing with your emotions. Expressing feelings can make you feel lighter and less suffocated. First, take some time to think, and then share your emotions.


Do you have a bad mood? Exercising is one of the most effective solutions to treat bad moods and overloaded emotions. It releases happy hormones like dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. Exercising could be a one-stop definite help!  Any exercise, whether it’s walking, dancing, lifting weights, or even yoga, can help you feel better.

Relax and Unwind

Sleep is probably the most undervalued necessity. But a good night’s sleep of at least 7-8 hours can improve your attitude, vitality, and overall health. It’s always difficult to avoid binge-watching the latest episode of our favorite Netflix show with late-night marathons, but we should give it a shot for the sake of our bodies. What do you think?

Technology is a great servant to slow down your roller coaster ride of emotions

Many people avoid using technology because they are afraid of acquiring new skills that may help them with relaxing mood swings and subtle overloaded emotional feels. Emotions can be conquered if you refuse to let them hold you back.

When it comes to learning to live in a technologically controlled society, you should be open to a world of opportunity, connection, experience, and learning on a scale and at a pace never seen before.

Technology is no longer optional in today’s era; it is a necessity and as essential as reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Technology can be a source of pleasant, motivating feelings and enhanced optimism when you use it as your servant, not your master.

How to make the most out of technology to control your roller coaster ride of emotions:

Post your most critical stretch goal on social media and write your heart out so that your followers can reach out to you. Everyone will know if you skip a day or slack off if you update them on your progress every day.

However, don’t ever let social media control you, rather start using it to your advantage. It’s simple: instead of posting anything corny, talk about your life objectives and seek social support to conquer them.

This way, you can inspire your connections to come forward – let their emotions flow off and watch the change within itself.

Now you know all the solutions and tactics to control your roller coaster of emotions, so it’s up to you to make the journey as pleasant as possible!


Emotional rollercoasters are not a ride taken alone. A lot of people around you feel the same way, hence it is crucial to know that you are never alone. In such moments, it is best to put your mind elsewhere and not let your emotions manage how you function. In the digital world, it is impossible to escape upsetting content. Take time to find things that you like.

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“You must be the master of your emotions if you wish to live in peace, for he who can control himself, becomes free.” -Leon Brown.

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