How to Find and Support Changemakers on Social Platforms

Changemakers are philanthropists and innovators who forge ahead to bring a change in the world, help individuals fight off their challenges, and solve the world’s biggest problems. These individuals unite to transcend the world from rags to riches by grasping opportunities and coming forward from different walks of life.

This initiative fosters positive change by fighting off adversities and encouraging you to do the same. With their micro-leadership skills, they aspire to bring a positive change that motivates & inspires people to build up strength within themselves. These changemakers also evolve from their own experiences and get themselves together to help you challenge the problems.

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They interact on various social media platforms

Social media is one of the most powerful tools to bring the world together and help them realize essential matters. It is also one of the most effective weapons to build closely-knit interactions and improve communication. In this digital age, changemakers widely use the power of social media platforms to interact with their audience. These innovators implement widespread techniques to do the same.

We all know that more than 3.96 million people use social media every day. With such extensive audiences to interact with, changemakers voice their perspective and change-making skills via social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. By grasping each social media profile firmly, they plan on creating a secure audience everywhere and reach out to maximum people at a time. As a result, they resort to faster and easier communication about matters that need urgent attention.

Updating about latest events

Changemakers use various platforms to communicate with their audience about the latest events and how they take the proper measures to bring positive change to society. Thus, they keep updating audiences about their events via Facebook and Instagram as well. On the other hand, they use Twitter to boost positivity and spread the word of a positive society for better change.

Now changemakers are turning towards Updeed, a new networking platform allowing changemakers to share their stories and connect with like-minded people.

Building reliable relationships via videos and posts

Changemakers aspire to convey their extraordinary change-making skills to their audience and bring positive impacts on society by remaining consistent. This consistency enables them to compel individuals to step up for the rights and eliminate the wrongs.

It awakens a spirit of fightback to join the changemakers, stay updated about the daily challenges around us and find the right solutions. As a result, they use the power of regular social media posts about health, education, feminism, and more. Many engaging videos also help bring the same to light.

 They welcome audience engagement

Changemakers do not want to be the only ones to bring positive change and appreciation. They want you to join hands with them and volunteer in change-making. That is why they host regular competitions, hire potential volunteers and allow you to share your story with them to inspire the world. These techniques enable them to interact with everyone online more comprehensively.

How to Find and Connect with them?

Changemakers are all ears for anything that eases their pathway to bringing positive change in society.

  • Social Media Interactions

Social media provides one of the most accessible means to interact with changemakers as they are quite active. You can connect with them via Facebook, where they offer the option to visit their groups. You may also direct message them asking them to join their group. They will revert to you in minimal time.

  • Join Social Networking Platforms like UPDEED

There are various online networking platforms where you can connect with like-minded people globally. Updeed is one of them. A unique networking platform for the changemakers.

UPDEED lets all its users showcase good deeds, connect with changemakers, and further build a profile to influence and inspire others to lead a positive life. It doesn’t have any personalized targeted feed and you chose to connect people as per your own interests for creating an impact.

Here is how you can use UPDEED –

  • Share your story on UPDEED

Changemakers are looking for inspiring stories that can help others to gain positivity. If you have an account that can inspire the world to amplify their strength and fight their battles voraciously, share it on Updeed App. We will want to connect with you and feature your story. Updeed is such a platform where you can share your stories on the app and people from around the globe can view it.

  • Contact them changemakers directly on UPDEED

Many change-making associations leave their contact email, phone number, and address for audiences to interact with them without enough hindrance. If you are looking for an urgent connection and joining, the Updeed App will help you serve the purpose right away and under one hood.

  • Find People Who Care About the Things You Care on UPDEED

Changemakers are ordinary individuals who do extraordinary things in their community to help the world solve its biggest problems. This significant community is rapidly growing to become one of the world’s most significant associations due to its positivity and impactful consequences worldwide.


If you want to be a changemaker, do not hesitate to connect with these warriors right away. Channel your inner strength to create a benchmark and help the world step up without fear in its heart. After all, you have to be the change you want to see in yourself! So, why keep waiting? Join their team now by connecting via social media platforms.

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