How to Make Engaging Posts on UPDEED

With thousands of users, UPDEED puts you in front of a huge audience.

But does your audience love your content? When it comes to utilizing UPDEED to expand your community and reach the changemakers, it’s critical to cultivate engaged and dedicated content. But how can you ensure that these followers interact with your posts and, as a result, help you grow as an UPDEEDer?

UPDEED is more than a networking platform. It’s a positive space on the internet, where changemakers can network and amplify their impact on individuals and organizations.  

So if you want to build your personal brand or enhance the brand image of your organization, there are several ways through which you can manage your UPDEED account.

Let’s go through these tips and tricks to make engaging posts in a constructive, interesting, and informative way.

1.  Plan your niche 

Before you start writing your post, ask yourself a few questions:

a. What personality do you want to build on your UPDEED profile?

b. Are you clear with your posting strategies?

c. Do you want to build yourself as an individual or organization?

d. What is the audience that you are catering to?

e. What is the niche of the noble cause that you are going to post about?

Finding a niche is the most crucial for your content. Niche content proved to be a great tool for building a better connection with UPDEEDers working for the same cause. It can help qualify interest, make engaging posts, and it can also help you stand out amongst other changemakers.

2. Make your story connecting

UPDEED audiences always look for a story that connects and relates with them. When building the post, add a tint of relevancy and emotion in your post that keeps the reader bound to your content and they don’t take their eyes off.

3. Choose post template

Well, the simple text might look boring and fail in attracting the reader’s eyes. And for solving that problem, UPDEED has got this amazing feature of having multiple themes to make your writing and content look attractive and help you make engaging posts.

However, UPDEED allows the changemaker on the platform to write a post – click on the ‘Preview’ button to see how it will look after posting and choose 1 among 10 themes available on the App  – Challenge, Enjoy, Peace, Light, Blissful, Celebration, Innovation, Inspirational, Simple and Paper to make their profile look stronger and interactive with attractive content.

You can easily select one of these above-mentioned themes and make engaging posts on UPDEED.

4. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are, preferably first and foremost, a reach metric with high potential. Hashtags are the ultimate way to gain organic reach, thus leading to a higher engagement rate.

Evidently, UPDEEDers love using popular hashtags. And if you want to make your posts catchy, you also should use at least five hashtags per post.

When you are planning to make your engagement game strong on UPDEED – make sure your hashtags are relevant and represent niche communities that reverberate with your content.

Moreover, personalized hashtags for a particular campaign or initiative can be added to the posts. This may start appearing in the top and popular hashtags, thus increasing the visibility and popularity of the posts associated with it.

Hashtags, without a doubt, are crucial for improving the engagement and reach of your posts.

5. Tag people

Tagging relevant people is a one-stop formula to grab the attention of the niche you are serving on the platform.

UPDEED allows you to tag people you feel are relevant or a part of your post. You can easily tag them by writing ‘@’ and UPDEED user’s (UPDEEDers) profile id, also, while writing a few initial letters, UPDEED automatically starts suggesting the users you want to tag.

So don’t forget to tag people for catching better engagement.

6. Power of visuals

Visuals are always pleasing to the eyes. Visual content lets UPDEEDers consume content more effortlessly, processing information in chunks. A visual immediately transmits emotion and establishes the tone for the audience, allowing them to engage with the appropriate expectations. It’s not always about employing a visual item to shock consumers with a different point of view. Above all, it’s about establishing relevancy and establishing an identity.

According to a resource, “images are processed by the brain at a speed 60,000 times faster than we can interpret language, this makes a good image one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.”

Here are a few best practice suggestions to consider:

1. Make sure your image is the right size for UPDEED post.

2. Use a clear picture at all times. Images that are blurry or badly cropped reflect negatively on your profile as an individual or organization.

3. Images with a face, hand, or other human component assist the human brain to perceive a likeness and give the image a layer of meaning. According to Patel, “get your prospects to focus more and this causes them to draw towards a common point of interest.’

4. Emojis are another effective approach to make engaging posts that attracts your audience. They make postings appear more like a discussion, which people connect with everyday communication. The use of emoticons on UPDEED boosts engagement by 48%.

7. Include Call-to-Actions in your captions

Call to action (CTAs) continues to stand the ordeal of the period.

Including a CTA, more precisely, a direct query or provoking to take action, in your caption is a sure way to get more UPDEED engagement.

Your connections are more likely to reply to your comments if you provide a genuine story to which your connections can relate and follow it up with a pertinent question.

Though, you can be as inventive as you want with your CTAs. You may seek advice, make recommendations or ask for funding, volunteers, or drives.

Encouraging your audience to visit your profile and ‘Appreciate’ you to connect is another metric to increase engagement with CTAs.

8. Keep engaging with your audience

Although connections and engagement rates are crucial, you should concentrate on the type of community you’re creating. The more you engage with your followers by asking questions, posting Stories, and responding to comments and direct messages, the more they will trust you and perceive you as a real part of their life.

Give engagement to gain engagement. You know UPDEED is an amazing platform to connect with changemakers worldwide but it is equally important to keep your connections alive with them through its awesome features. Let’s see how they work:


Discover amazing stories of changemakers on UPDEED and ‘CLAP’ for the influence they are creating. When you open the UPDEED App, you will see multiple posts on the feed, and if you like the post, you can ‘Clap’ not just once but up to 50 times. Yes, you heard it right! 50 times. Simply hit the ‘Claps’ icon at the bottom left of each post. And start recognizing and encouraging UPDEEDers for their valuable contributions towards spreading positivity and motivation.


UPDEED provides a platform to you to connect with good-doers with its ‘Appreciate’ feature. To build a connection, you can go to the other like-minded peoples’ profiles you feel connected with and tap on the ‘Appreciate’ ⭐ button appearing right at the top of their profiles. After tapping the ‘Appreciate’ button, it will turn into Green as ‘Appreciated’.

Hence, this connection will create a sense of appreciation for the work they are doing for society and individuals. Appreciate ️to connect and inspire others to do more of such good deeds.

Comment & Share


When you find inspiring or positive content, just tap on the   button at the bottom right of the post, and you’ll find a pop-up. Choose connections from your contact or messaging list from other apps.

And here you are ready to share content!


Best way is, ‘Comment’ to acknowledge changemaker’s efforts. Comment box allows you to give compliments based on the niche of their work. Whether it be animal rescue, feeding the poor, cleanliness hygiene, serving old age people, or women empowerment, posting a comment to boost others’ positive spirits to continue to do better costs nothing.

When you find a post you relate to or want to recognize the impact, find the ‘comment’

button in-between ‘clap’ and ‘share’. Just tap on it to write your appreciation words for the person’s noble job, and when you are done, tap on the ‘Post’ button.

UPDEED also allows you to like other comments as well that show a kind gesture toward the other person recognizing the changemaker’s efforts.

Recommend for Gratitude Wall

Did any of the UPDEEDer’s post inspire you?

If yes, then don’t forget to recommend their post since the most inspiring story on UPDEED is recommended  by users to be featured on the “Gratitude Wall.”

Recommend life-changing stories on UPDEED that touch your heart and motivate you to connect with others so that they can recommend your experiences as well.

When you find an inspiring post, tap on the three dots visible at the top-right corner, and then click on the topmost ‘Recommend this post’ option. 

Soon after recommending, you’ll find a pop-up – ‘You have already recommended this post for Gratitude Wall.’

Wrapping it UP!!

Above all, to make engaging posts on UPDEED – try using these tips and tricks the next time you’re planning and structuring your content on UPDEED, and watch the engagement roll in!

Your connections will definitely reach out to you to either recognize your good deed or form collaboration for future prospects.

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