In these last few years, we humans have grown a vast outlook towards life, where we see cars flying in our near future but some of us are still bound with depressed and negative thoughts. But 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, some individuals found themselves feeling dejected and depressed during the covid-19 crisis because lockdown was imposed and they had to sit at home for a long duration. People were restricted to their homes which resulted in a huge number of people dealing with mental illnesses. It was a result of an agglomeration of situations and circumstances which cannot be seen.

The word “Coronavirus” has created a deep impact on our subconscious mind. There are many ways in which this pandemic has affected each one of us financially, emotionally, has created stress, etc. Many of us also felt overwhelmed with different fears weighing over us, also combined with the separation of our loves one and also the stress of working from home is also adding a burden to all of the things. A Great population lost their job in the pandemic as well due to many operations in the economy being shut.

But in this time, one should know and start to stay mindful and practice positive thinking because this could be one of the best ways to relieve our stress and cope up with all that is happening around us. As if we stay positive, then we can make our family positive and happy. In a difficult time like this one should consider different ways to stay mindful and generate positive thoughts and see what works best for them.

Try a calming activity

It can help us the inner worlds when the world outside is chaotic. Different activities can be done like yoga for positive thinking and meditation for relaxation. Practicing mindful deep breathing can also relieve stress and tension, mandalas and different art form can also be practiced for realizing stress and taking a warm bath can also relieve stress.

Change your space

Since many of us are working from home we often spend our time sitting with our laptop, working all day long and staying stuck within the same few walls at home. This can harm our mental and emotional health. Instead, to avoid all these things, one can have an evening walk on the balcony, watch sunsets with coffee in hand and also have dinner at the dining table with family instead of having it in their room.

Learn something new

Every one of us always wanted to learn something new in our life but with so much busy schedule some of us did not get the chance to learn so instead of sitting and overthinking one should indulge themselves in something that gives you positive energy and shift your mind and energy towards something fresh and innovative. For example- You can do re-decorate your room, learn dance or Zumba and even do gardening because that’s a good way to relieve stress and stay mindful.

Shift your focus

Instead of focusing on what you cannot control, focusing on what you have in your hand can help be future-ready. Practice positive thinking and analyze what changes you want to make in your work so that you can achieve more goals and can work upon them. Shift your focus and shape your life goals for a better future.

Join social platforms

Social platforms are important to stay in touch with your friends and loved ones whether they live nearby or across the globe. There are many social media platforms where you can connect with people but there could be people who might be sharing negative or sad content. It is important to choose the platform carefully because you want to stay positive and you want some inspirations and good thoughts.

UPDEED is one such platform where you can find only inspiring content. A positive space on the internet. Updeed lets all its users showcase good deeds, connect with change-makers, and further build a profile to influence and inspire others to lead a positive life.


One should try to stay positive even when things don’t feel right because one should acknowledge that it is perfectly acceptable to feel down now and then. Ups and downs are a very important part of our life. Rather it’s fact and scientifically proven that it’s unhealthy to always try to be happy. We need to accept the naked truth that feeling sad, depressed, happy are all just a set of emotions. Thoughts are inconspicuous, imperceptible to the touch, and private yet they have immense ascendant to influence our life. One must learn how to control their emotions as there are many approachable methods and a little effort can make a significant difference.

As coronavirus outbreak has shown, life can change rapidly and unpredictably, so it’s important one should be prepared for everything and should take care of oneself because you can’t serve others from an unfilled vessel. So, it is important to keep your body healthy and make a continuous effort to distract yourself from negative thoughts and emotions by re-experiencing your hobbies. Research shows that counting blessing not only helps people lower stress but also improve their interpersonal relations. Recite positive affirmations and maintain a sense of hope.

Always remember that sometimes good things happen in life out of blue like a surprise gift from a loved one the one you never expected to get. So, it’s okay, let embrace uncertainty and convert it into an occasion for self-transformation and start to practice positive thinking and mindfulness.

Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it

— Sharon Salzberg.

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