Let’s overcome Obesity, a social and medical problem, in 2023

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that between 1975 and 2016, the prevalence of obesity tripled globally. The prevalence of obesity, traditionally thought to be a concern in developed countries, is changing in low- and middle-income nations. 

The health repercussions of obesity are widespread and profound globally, and they have an actual and long-lasting influence on people now as well as in the generations to come. 

In India, between the ages of 15 and 49, the proportion of obese males climbed from 19 to 23%. The percentage increased from 21% to 24% among women.

A social and medical problem

Similar to tobacco, obesity contributes to or is strongly associated with a wide range of illnesses, including heart disease, high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol, stroke, diabetes, asthma, kidney stones, gallstones, infertility, and as many as eleven different cancers, including leukaemia, breast, and colon cancer. 

The social and emotional impacts of obesity, such as discrimination, lower pay, reduced quality of life, and a possible predisposition to depression, are no less real. Obesity also contributes to serious health problems, in addition to problems with body image. While obesity is actually a symptom of an illness, either hereditary or environmental, society frequently mistakenly regards it as a sickness.  As a result, issues with solitude, self-consciousness, and confidence may arise.

Every year, the proportion of our population that is becoming overweight rises, and if it is not immediately addressed, it might become a very significant problem. A bad diet has a correlation with health issues. It has become difficult to keep a healthy weight due to changes in our dietary environment. Because eating out is more expensive and time-consuming than cooking at home, society prefers to eat more fast food. 

Take steps

The first thing is to calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI). Let the physician evaluate your BMI. Obesity is classified as a BMI of 30 or greater. Health concerns are further increased when the number exceeds 30. Moreover, keeping a check on the waist circumference is helpful. The risk of diabetes and heart disease may further increase by abdominal fat, often known as visceral or abdominal fat.

Right plan: All weight-loss plans require altering your food routine and upping your physical activity. Your level of obesity, general health, and level of commitment will influence the appropriate therapy options for you.

Lower your cravings and calorie intake: Food items, like desserts, fats, and processed foods, have a high-calorie content per serving. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables offer a greater portion size with fewer calories. You can lessen cravings for food by consuming greater portions of lower-calorie items.

Exercise daily: For those who are obese, moderate-intensity exercise is required to either maintain current weight loss or to stop further weight gain. Any additional movement helps burn calories, even though regular aerobic exercise is the most effective strategy to burn calories and lose extra weight.

Behavioural change is required: A behaviour modification programme can assist you in changing your lifestyle and achieving long-term weight loss. The first step is to examine your existing routines to determine what circumstances, stresses, or other elements may have led to your obesity.

To conclude, altering your eating and exercise routines and lifestyle is challenging. But, in the long run, you can reduce your weight and improve your health with a plan, some work, regular support, and patience.

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