Live a No Filter Life  

While using social media is harmless fun, it still depends on how one approaches it. Also, it depends on how one uses it with no filter. Many people acknowledge it as a part of their societal obligation, sometimes for communication and to expand their social networking for personal development or business growth.

As for some, it earns them their living. There are others for whom social media is a mere time pass. Social media has various advantages and disadvantages. But, with the ‘filter feature’ in more recent years, social media has changed the way people feel about themselves.

Filters tend to change the way one looks in real life!  

But why do you need filters?

And who said filter makes you look better and more attractive.

You all have listened to this many times that everyone is beautiful in their way, and everyone should live a no filter life.

Then who set these beauty standards?

Next Time you Decide to Post a Picture on Social Media, Remind Yourself to go Filter-Free   

The well-curated pictures that we come across on social media platforms are very soothing to the eyes. But, it doesn’t mean you need to match up to their standards as well. While for some, it is nothing but fun. Others might get caught up in feelings of low self-worth and comparison. It leads to a never-ending disappointment and pretense for them.  

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Appearances  

We live in an era where people are constantly fighting to achieve perfection. Be it in their work culture, homes, classrooms, or even social media. Despite knowing that social media doesn’t decide how well appreciated you are in life, people often draw analogies and compare their life to others.

You need to love yourself for what you are, not what people want you to be. Self-love is the key to your growth and mental health. There are so many socially curated standards for how one should look, carry themself and even maintain their social media account. Stop bothering yourself with the socially curated standard of being fit. Just be yourself, don’t act according to these socially curated standards.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson has said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”.

Stop Comparing Yourself

We all are different and see things differently. The things that you value or appreciate may not be the things your friend values or appreciates. And so are your looks! You need to love yourself for how you look and stop comparing yourself to others.

Especially when it comes to pictures, It’s hard enough to compare yourself to the carefully polished images of the celebrities and influencers you follow on social media. The last thing you need is to get a social trauma when all you want is to live a healthy life.

So, you should stop comparing yourself to others and should easily let go of the stories, judgments, and labels that you have placed upon yourself, then only your true self emerges.

Be Positive Feel Positive  

One should always choose to be optimistic, it makes you feel better about yourself and the people around you. You all receive meaningful advice to stay positive. But in the present times, where humans are conditioned to look at the threats, it’s hard to find the motivation to focus on the positive aspects.

Maintaining positivity is a daily challenge, and you can start by accepting your flaws. The positivity will give you a sense of self-recognition and satisfaction. It will make you more confident about your looks and personality. It will also make you feel satisfied and wholesome.

Similarly, the sense of self-satisfaction, as a result, will bring in the daily dose of positivity, and you will feel more positive about your skin, color, and your whole self. 

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Wear the Self Confidence Filter  

Self-confidence is the best outfit, and everyone should own it! You must have observed how bearing confidence changes the way people treat you. It is the key to leading a happy life.

The social media ‘filter feature’ and edit feature tempt you to hide your actual self under the filter cover. It is interesting how filters can make a person look perfect and beautiful in the reel world, but what about the real world? Does that make you any better?

No! it makes you no better.

  • You should love your skin and love your body.
  • You should be proud and confident about how you look.

However, so many people today suffer from low self-esteem and are dissatisfied with the beauty standards imposed on them by the social media filters. So you should stop reflecting on the social beauty standards and love the way you look – feel confident about yourself and live a no filter life. 

Don’t let Social Media Overpower Your Thoughts 

Social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are favored for their photo-based content features. Social media platforms today have billions of active monthly users. And together, these users share more than 200 billion photos on these social networking platforms.

However, to hide imperfections, people have begun posting pictures with tons of filters to get likes and comments in the reel world and often forget that none of it matters in the real world. And in the process of living up to social media standards, they lose their original selves.

It doesn’t matter how you look on the outside.

  • You should more often reflect upon your inner self.  
  • You should look in the mirror and tell yourself every morning that ‘You are beautiful’.

Researchers have found that editing photos of yourself for social media is associated with ‘greater body image’ disturbance. In that regard, many people across the globe have been running campaigns and raising their voices for the same.

Love Yourself and Live a No Filter Life

The feeling of low self-worth is okay but, the joy of pretense is threatening. You should accept yourself and love yourself. You can start by saying no to filters and stop following people that don’t inspire you to be a better human.

Always be thankful for the things you have and for people in your life. Bringing about change in your life can highly alter your state of mind. It will make you feel more positive about yourself. One must be the master of his mind if he wishes to live a no-filter life, for he who feels confident needs no filter.

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Join UPDEED and see how people live a no-filter life by accepting their flaws and achieving overall humanity. Start your journey of living an unfiltered life today by concurring your flaws with open arms and sharing little happy things in your life to spread positivity among thousands of UPDEEDers.

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