Losing oneself to find oneself: The inspiring journey of NK Chaudhary

“Finding yourself through losing yourself. The more you will lose yourself, the more you will find yourself.”

This profound quote encapsulates the inspiring journey of N.K. Chaudhary is a social entrepreneur and founder of Jaipur Rugs. He is

a well-known social entrepreneur and is often called the ‘Gandhi of the Carpet Industry.’

His journey began in 1978 with just two looms and nine artisans, and over time, he transformed Jaipur Rugs into a global social enterprise. With this passion, he revolutionised the carpet industry by eliminating middlemen and creating one of India’s largest hand-knotted rug manufacturers.

The company exports to over 60 countries, providing sustainable livelihood to 40,000 artisans in 600 remote villages across five states in India. Remarkably, 80% of these artisans are women, empowering them to become financially independent and achieve social mobility.

Through Chaudhary’s innovative business model, Jaipur Rugs has successfully bridged the gap between rural artisans and global markets while prioritising their socio-economic development. His inspiring journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of social entrepreneurship.

Towards market accessibility

As his business grew, Chaudhary realised that the artisans working for him were not benefiting from his success. They lacked access to markets and resources, despite their exceptional weaving skills.

In 2004, he founded the Jaipur Rugs Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to engaging, developing, and sustaining weavers. The foundation provides training, education, and resources to help artisans improve their skills and earn a better living.

Chaudhary’s vision is to create a sustainable, profitable, and socially responsible business. He believes that businesses are responsible for positively impacting society, particularly those who contribute to its success.

His work has inspired many others to follow in his footsteps and create businesses that prioritise social responsibility and community development.

Through his journey, Chaudhary learned that losing oneself can lead to finding oneself. By prioritising the well-being of his artisans and creating a sustainable business model, he found fulfilment and purpose in his work. His journey serves as an inspiration to all those seeking to create positive change through entrepreneurship.

The need for more such push

There is a need for more organisations like Jaipur Rugs and more social entrepreneurs like N.K. Chaudhary because they prioritise social responsibility, community development, and sustainable practices in their business models. By creating jobs and empowering disadvantaged communities, such organisations can promote economic growth and reduce poverty.

They can also help bridge the gap between the rich and poor by promoting social mobility and creating opportunities for people often left behind.

Moreover, they can contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by addressing issues such as decent work and economic growth, reducing inequalities, and promoting responsible consumption and production. Ultimately, these organisations can help create a more equitable and sustainable world for all.

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