Loving everyone’s individuality || “What”, “Why” & “How” of supporting the LGBTQ+ community

“Equity means more than passing laws. The struggle is really won in the hearts and minds of the community, where it really counts.”

– Barbara Gittings.

This simple sentence holds such a powerful message. Loving everyone as their own true selves is a blissful feeling. It shows how much you care for the people around you. Loving someone selflessly gives rise to positive vibes, which hold the power to change the world. Equality is for all, and the LGBTQ+ community is not an exception. Open your heart and mind to support those who are in dire need of your help and unconditional love!

LGBTQ+ community – it’s not just a word but an emotion.

It is a feeling that none can avoid, and there’s no need to hide it anymore! Since 2003, Sexual acts between persons of the same sex have been legalized in India. Right now, same-sex marriage is nothing to be ashamed of but to be celebrated like any other wedding bliss! Kissing your partner of the same gender is a moment of pride and a long wait of fighting battles against the superstitious world. It is a moment of glory, passion, and the real truth –

“Love never fades…”

Thinking about supporting the LGBTQ+ community is okay, but actually covering some active deeds is a whole new ballgame. Join hands with experts and promising organizations to make the changes that your world awaits.

The emergence of the LGBTQ+ community and its establishment in multiple sectors

Think about Elliot Page, Billy Porter, Ellen Degeneres… well the list goes on! But, that’s not all! The feeling of love felt for a person of the same gender is nothing new. It was an age-old practice when people hid it because of society and the fear that surrounded its walls. Finding it hard to believe?

How about Sir Francis Bacon? A lawyer, statesman, and philosopher – all in one! Known as the father of the scientific method, he belonged to the LGBTQ+ community! Much like him, you have the nursing pioneer, Florence Nightingale. Well, don’t be surprised because she had two passionate relationships with women! Yup, it’s true!

Inspiring LGBTQ individuals who were fearless!

Let’s talk about some more famous people who belong to the LGBTQ+ community and made the world proud with their work.

Gauri Sawant:

Have you seen the Indian advertisement Vicks? If you have, then you must know who Gauri Sawant is! A transgender activist, who was born as Ganesh but later emerged as a victorious individual against society’s odds and created a name of her own!

Sally Ride:

Don’t just think that the LGBTQ+ community has stopped spreading its wings in the acting section. Remember Sally Ride? She was the first female astronaut and played the role of a shuttle robot arm operator. She was in a 27-year-old relationship with her female partner.

Harvey Milk:

His name is synonymous with fighting for change within the American political system. He is also remembered as the nation’s first openly gay elected official and made some huge changes in people’s mindsets!

It is really hard to name every LGBTQ+ person and their changes in society. But the list surely goes on.

The progress in the LGBTQ+ community:

You feel proud of the world you have created by legalizing gay acts and marriage. The world has seen some major changes throughout but nothing like the one with lgbtq+ community!

Not just globally, but even locally, there has been major progress. Because the fight for LGBTQ+ rights is not limited to western phenomena anymore! Most of the governments who are working hand in hand with the lgbtq+ community are from developing nations! Now that says a lot.

The historic LGBT resolution, which was adopted in September 2014 was mostly led by governments from the global south, mainly Latin America. Even the governments, which were previously opposed to human rights enforcement, later joined the mission, like Venezuela, Cuba, and more.

Youth is the main core of societal change!

Well, it’s no surprise that the younger generation is more welcoming toward the lgbtq+ community than the elders. You can see a positive trajectory as young people grow with variations in sexual orientations around them!

But, the war is far from being over! Even to this date, you will find a lot of leaders promoting homophobia by insisting that they are not anti-gay but trying to shelter young from the gay propaganda.

The role that businesses are playing to support the LGBTQ+ community:

A significant section of consumers insists on respecting LGBT rights, which can be clearly portrayed in different businesses and their approaches. Global corporate giants are putting away discrimination in the workplace and further embracing homophobia with open arms!

Some major marketing giants with impactful initiatives to support the lgbtq+ community are Adobe, Accenture, American Airlines, Apple, Bain & Company, AstraZeneca, and so much more! Their workflow and the advertisements to attract customers clearly portray their growing love for the LGBTQ+ community!

Why celebrate Pride Month?

The answer is pretty simple! The primary goal of the event is to focus on the validation, visibility, and awareness of the lgbtq+ community. It takes place in the USA to commemorate the Stonewall Riots that took place at the end of June 1969. So, multiple events are held during this month to recognize the impact of the LGBTQ+ people and their contribution to this growing world.

  1. June marks Pride Month and this annual event is a perfect gateway for the LGBTQ+ community to celebrate their freedom to voice their words and to be proud of their real selves!
  2. The movement, currently, has spread to form various national organizations like the Gay Activists Alliance and Gay Liberation Front.
  3. It is Brenda Howard, the bisexual activist, who credited the name Pride Month. She is lovingly known as “Mother of Pride” for coming up with the name!

Rights are given to the LGBTQ+ community:

The struggle that the lgbtq+ community had to go through to get equal rights is pretty commendable, even to this date! It was years of battling against all odds, but with a single ray in the end – “they will win.” Surely enough, it took a long time, but their hard work and prayers got awarded with the legalization of gay rights! Let’s talk about some of those rights presented to the LGBTQ+ community.

  1. Multiple states, municipalities, and hundreds of universities and businesses have now banned employment discrimination. So, even if you belong to the LGBTQ+ community, if you have the skills required for the job, you are in!
  2. Then you have the “Domestic Partnership” program, existing in multiple private institutions and in over 12 municipalities.
  3. There isn’t any federal law that bans discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation in public accommodations like theaters, restaurants, and more.

So, everything that you need to live a healthy and happy life, you will get even if you belong to the LGBTQ+ community!

Challenges that the LGBTQ+ community faces:

Even though the world has made some drastic changes to support the LGBTQ+ community, the path is far from over. There are still some challenges that LGBTQ+ people have to face on a daily basis!

  1. Even to this date, they find it hard to build a supportive community.
  2. The “coming out” process isn’t as smooth as it should be!
  3. Tension in a family relationship when the truth comes out to the limelight is another major challenge to overcome.
  4. Understanding the identity seems to be a hardcore challenge faced by LGBTQ+ people!

But, not all hope is lost!

There are people working to uplift the LGBTQ community and inspiring the world while sharing their stories on UPDEED:

Dr. Yoga Sreelesh Nambiar has overcome all odds and spent the last 8 years working for not only the transgender community in India but also HIV-positive sex workers, women, and children. She is the founder of the Global Rights Foundation. Through her UPDEED profile, she has narrated her journey from being a common person to a leader who is giving platforms and opportunities to other trans people. Dr. Yoga promotes her programs that are run for the upliftment of the community and post some motivational incidents of her life to inspire people.

Kineer Services Pvt. Ltd. The plight of the Hijra Community (third/neutral gender) is well known, but no action has been taken to provide them with a sustainable employment/income source. 

Kineer Services Pvt. Ltd – A Laxmi Narayan Tripathi’s initiative with a mission to empower the LGBTQ community with dignified employment opportunities. Manish Jain is the founder and CEO of Kineer Services Pvt Ltd, who works to integrate the Hijra (trans) community in India. Kineer’s UPDEED profile is never out of words when it comes to showcasing achievement and some inspiring stories of trans people who have come a long way with Kineer Services’ employment opportunities. The profile always tops every UPDEEDers mind while exploring for profiles associated with the LGBTQ+ community. 

“Openness may not completely disarm prejudice, but it’s a good place to start.”

Jason Collins

Equity is for all and the LGBTQ+ community is not an exception. Open your heart and mind to support those who are in dire need of your help and unconditional love! Connect with the changemakers who are working day and night to deliver the life of dignity and respect to the LGBTQ+ community on UPDEED.

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