My wife became the greatest supporter when I came out as a Transgender Man after living as a lesbian for years

The process of coming out as transgender can be a challenging and emotional journey for many. And it’s important to remember that each person’s experience is unique. Not all trans people choose to transition, and every transition is unique.

In this article, Liam Paschall (he/him), a Transgender Inclusion Consultant and keynote speaker, shares his experience.

Liam’s sex assigned at birth was female. However, he identifies as a transgender male. He recalls feeling different from a very young age but not having the exact words to describe it.

Growing up in a small rural area, he had never heard the term “transgender” and was afraid to come out due to the fear of being disowned, bullied, harassed, or even killed.

Initially, Liam felt that presenting as a lesbian was the safest option. While his family eventually came around to “accepting” him as a lesbian, living as one while identifying as a transgender man was incredibly difficult for him.

Wife as the biggest supporter

In 2020, after nearly 20 years with his wife, Jamie, he felt safe enough to come out as a transgender man. While Jamie became his biggest supporter, Liam’s own family disowned him.

Liam emphasizes the importance of sensitization and raising awareness to promote acceptance and understanding of gender identity and expression. Educating people about these concepts and breaking down barriers can create a more equitable and inclusive society for the transgender community.

To achieve this, Liam suggests several measures, such as language respect (including pronoun and chosen name usage), truly inclusive healthcare, workplace inclusivity, legal protections, and media representation. Liam is very vocal about his journey and shares stories through social media, workshops, training sessions, and public speaking – intending to change hearts and minds and promote understanding and acceptance.

Liam stresses the importance of self-care and building a strong support network to promote and support mental and physical well-being. He

encourages members of the trans community to connect with local support groups and engage in self-care like meditation, yoga, and exercise.

The message

Liam’s message to his trans siblings is, “You are valued. You are loved. You are not alone. Your very existence is a gift to the world, and you will not be erased.”

Liam’s message to others is, “Speak up, stand up, and act for the trans community.  Words are not enough. Actions matter. Your vote matters.

Someone you know is transgender. Maybe even someone you love. Just because something doesn’t impact you directly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care.”

In conclusion, Liam wants to remind everyone of the significant barriers and challenges many transgender individuals face. He emphasizes the importance of creating a more inclusive and equitable society. By sharing his story and advocating for the trans community, Liam hopes to promote acceptance, understanding, inclusion, and true belonging.

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