The AI tool ensuring gender equality

Gender equality is still a distant dream, and we are speaking on the basis of data. According to the most recent Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 data, gender equality will not be achieved in the world by 2030. The worldwide gender gap won’t be closed for another 286 years. The majority (nearly 85 per cent) of Fortune 500 CEOs are male.

Now, the question arises – is there any way, we can measure or do gender analysis in an efficient manner? The answer is – Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help. Meet the Equilo platform, which utilizes data analytics and machine learning to provide a clear picture. 

Equilo is led by its Founder and CEO, Jessica Menon.

With 20 years of experience, Jessica is a specialist in promoting gender equality and social inclusion (GESI). She has a wealth of expertise in analyzing GESI, creating action plans for gender equality, managing organizational changes that take gender into account, and implementing policy and practice changes at a systems level to advance GESI worldwide.

Tools and their working

Equilo’s platform offers automated gender data analysis tools that make it faster, simpler, and more economical to analyze and improve gender equality in different sectors and countries. 

Some of the tools include:

  • Country and Sector Contextual GESI Analysis
  • Global GESI analysis
  • GBV Risk Score
  • SuperGIRL
  • Partner Directory
  • 2XC Investor Matchmaking
  • 2X Assessments
  • Gender ROI Assessment

To read the exact details of all these tools, please read here.

The tools from Equilo utilize big data, sophisticated analytics, and machine learning to promptly give decision-makers the information they require. Also, the gender analysis tools can instantly provide analysis and action planning with the most recent gender equality data in 30 sectors in every country globally. 

Equilo’s platform is used by professionals such as gender specialists, program managers, portfolio managers, and business development professionals worldwide, it’s the ideal tool for incorporating gender equality into planning, decision-making, and impact measurement.

The need to have gender equality, as per the organization, arises due to:

  • Global GDP could have increased 26% from 2015 to 2025 if women’s economic participation were to match that of men, as reported by McKinsey.
  • The potential for a woman’s earnings if her marriage is postponed until adulthood increases by 9%, as per UN Women.
  • Agriculture production output could increase by 30% if the yield gap between men and women were closed, as per FAO.
  • Cost to global GDP due to lost productivity and direct expenditure as a result of reported cases of sexual violence against women and intimate partner violence, as per Copenhagen Consensus Center.

Moreover, the tools provided by Equilo are utilized by a variety of organizations, including bilateral donor agencies, development finance institutions, NGOs, consulting firms, investors, humanitarian organizations, and private sector companies.


Companies and organizations are recognizing the benefits of promoting diversity, inclusivity, and equity within the workplace and in their products and services. Additionally, by incorporating gender equality and social inclusion into their internal practices and supply chain, these organizations can attract more investment opportunities.

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