This company is minimising miscommunication between doctors and patients to make surgeries easy with 3D and AR/VR technologies

Ever heard of the word “preoperative anxiety”? Put simply; it is the state of uneasiness that results from a patient’s doubts or fears before an operation. Literature suggests that almost 60 to 92 per cent of patients experience this anxiety.

Surgeries are not something rare. A startling 310 million major surgeries take place annually throughout the world. What’s the solution? Focus on minimising miscommunication between patients and healthcare providers.

MeinDoc, the German-based medical ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution provider, is doing the exact.

MeinDoc’s managing director, Sudharsan Srinivasan, said to the UPDEED team, “We aim to provide a solution to the challenges faced by patients and surgeons by creating personalised 3D videos that educate patients about their

medical conditions, surgical procedures, and potential complications.

“By doing so, Meindoc hopes to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and improve communication between patients and healthcare providers,” he added.

The idea to eliminate miscommunication

MeinDoc translates into German literally into “Mein Doc” (meaning my doctor). A study by two scholars, Akyüz and Erdem found that patients desire more information and communication with their healthcare providers regarding informed consent and preoperative education.

Srinivasan said, “Patients face challenges when trying to understand their medical conditions, treatment options, and potential complications. Similarly, it gets difficult for surgeons to explain the surgery issues to patients.”

This ultimately leads to patient anxiety, confusion, and dissatisfaction with their care, adversely impacting surgical outcomes and recovery, and burnout for surgeons who must repeatedly explain the same information.

This is how the idea of MeinDoc enables patients and surgeons to communicate easily and effectively, improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. To that end, the company provides solutions, including:

  • MeinDoc Connect simplifies the process of creating personalised videos for patients, enabling surgeons to explain medical conditions, procedures, and complications easily. In addition, the platform includes a digital consent form, streamlining the consent process.
  • MeinDoc VR provides surgeons a powerful tool for planning and practising surgeries using virtual reality headsets. Patients can also join the virtual surgery theatre to experience a highly immersive explanation of the procedure. The platform also allows surgeons to collaborate in the surgery planning process.
  • MeinDoc Augment leverages augmented reality technology to enhance surgical procedures. It provides surgeons with real-time, 3D overlays of organs during surgery, and head-mounted displays allow for an AR overlay of information. The platform facilitates more precise and efficient surgery.

As per Srinivasan, all these ultimately result in a patient’s improved understanding of medical conditions and surgical procedures through personalised 3D videos. It also reduced anxiety and stress by being more informed and knowing what to expect before and after the surgery, thus having a clear understanding of their medical conditions and treatment options.

Finally, it leads to quality care and better outcomes as patients are more likely to follow through with treatment plans when they fully understand what is involved.

A helping hand for surgeons and hospitals

With solutions from MeinDoc in place, it results in reduced burnout of surgeons by saving time in patient education and informed consent. They can focus more on providing care and less on repeating the same information to different patients.

“Surgeons can see more patients and reduce waiting times, improving overall patient satisfaction. It further helps in better patient outcomes as patients who have a clear understanding of their medical conditions and procedures are more likely to follow instructions and have better outcomes,” said Srinivasan.

Similarly, when it comes to hospitals – the solutions increase trust in care by providing patients with high-quality, personalized information about their medical conditions and treatment options, he added.

Surgeons can perform more surgeries with saved time, which can lead to increased revenue for the hospital and reduce wait times for patients.

It also results in reduced cancellation of surgeries as patients who fully understand the procedure

and potential complications are less likely to cancel or postpone the surgery.

Advanced medical care from anywhere, anytime

The team at MeinDoc is working towards Medical Metaverse.

As per Srinivasan, it is a comprehensive platform that allows patients to access medical services from anywhere, anytime.

He said: “Patients can have virtual consultations with medical professionals, use wearable devices to monitor their health status and send data for analysis, and learn about medical conditions, treatments, and procedures through interactive resources.”

The platform also offers a virtual environment to explore medical facilities and an AI-powered doctor for immediate medical support. Meindoc’s integration of AI technology enhances the patient experience and provides access to advanced medical care from anywhere, anytime, Srinivasan concluded.

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