Time to ‘compost’ and manage waste at your own place

Waste segregation and management is a huge task when it comes to India. The country produces a large amount of solid waste, and a significant portion of it is not properly managed. This can lead to environmental pollution and public health hazards.

While the problem is grave and people understand, there is a missing link. People do not have any idea how they can contribute towards minimising the contribution of waste in their respective cities.

“The waste belongs to all of us, and we cannot delegate the duty to mere politicians, lobbyists, or huge corporations. Like water, education, equity, and dignity, waste belongs to all of us,” said Poonam Bir Kasturi.

With such a mindset and an urge to provide solutions to society, Kasturi founded Daily Dump. 

And we got an answer

Founded on 14th April 2006, Daily Dump helps people to have a commercial compost “pit” in their houses. They can empty their leftovers and other organic garbage into these pits. This eventually turns into manure, which you may use in your garden or sell to a struggling farmer.

Two of Poonam’s ex-students, Kanikya Kini and Shashwati Balasubramaniam are also a part of the team. 

“Our vision is to make a large impact through a large number of people in a sustainable, dignified and fun way,” Kasturi said. 

Around 50 to 70% of our home’s waste is organic. To that end, Daily Dump has developed a solution that enables individuals to transform kitchen waste into compost at home. 

The product, made from terra-cotta, is procured from local village potters. It is available for purchase through different channels, including individual buyers, retail stores, and communities. The designs for the product are open-source, allowing others in different locations to replicate, modify, expand upon, sell and utilize the product, promoting widespread and rapid adoption of the concept.

One can have a look at the range of Daily Dump products here.

To sum up

Expressing her long-term desired outcomes, Poonam said: “If composting becomes a national habit, then the purpose of Daily Dump is well served. That the design and construction of residences, offices, apartments and other buildings take into consideration the need for segregation, collection, storage, disposal and composting on-site as a mandate. That composters have become as ubiquitous and in demand as swimming pools and clubhouses in residential complexes.”

The change starts from home, and the products from Daily Dump might be a good solution to go for. However, it’s important for the government and citizens to work together to improve waste management practices in order to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and protect the environment.

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