Top 10 Influencers who are Working to Save Mother Earth

Our planet is the only one with continuous life, therefore it is becoming increasingly necessary to create a feeling of urgency to rescue our mother earth from all kinds of planet-harming actions. Our mother earth must be preserved since our very survival is dependent on it. It is our duty to promote awareness about the need for protecting our mother planet.

The bad news is, the environment is in distress. The oceans are becoming increasingly hostile because of plastic pollution, air pollution, deforestation, and land degradation is also becoming increasingly detrimental to human health.

Thousands of change-makers from more than 80 countries are also raising their voices on UPDEED to fight for our planet. This makes it an issue that needs the attention of world leaders like never before.

Mother Earth is blatantly urging us to act. The good news is, there are many individuals working worldwide to save and preserve our planet, and they are doing an excellent job!

Here is a list of the top 10 influencers that are working to save Mother Earth.

1. Great Thunberg

It is impossible to discuss influential people who are preserving Mother Earth without mentioning Greta Thunberg. She is one of many inspiring climate change activists you should follow if you care about the environment. Greta Thunberg is young, yet she is already a well-known voice in the campaign against climate change.

Thunberg embarked on a three-week school strike before Sweden’s general elections in 2018 to encourage her government to act on climate change. Her statements like “How Dare You?” had gone viral on internet where she accused world leaders for irreversible climate damage.

She has ignited a worldwide youth movement and been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize since then.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is an oscar winning actor and an environmentalist. He established The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998, which is committed to the long-term health and well-being of Plant Earth.

It supports creative initiatives that save fragile wildlife from extinction while restoring balance to imperiled ecosystems and communities via collaborative partnerships. His acclaimed documentary created awareness and is one of the most watched documentaries on climate change

3. Anne Hidalgo

The first female Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo takes the third place in this list because she is placing the environment at the heart of her plans. Her Mayoral Program highlights include the development of additional bike lanes, the reduction of diesel-powered cars, the management of cigarette trash, and the addition of 200 new green areas.

4. Lauren Singer

A New York activist and entrepreneur, Lauren Singer offers a multitude of suggestions demonstrating her own zero-waste lifestyle in the Big Apple. There’s a lot to inspire her audience, from reading lists and documentaries that transformed her life to interviews, sustainable goods like toothbrushes, and her extremely little ‘waste jars’ after months!

Lauren is amazing because she has advice for any circumstance and place. From celebrating waste-free anniversaries to remaining environmentally conscious in the workplace. This is hardly surprising given that she is also the CEO of two waste-free businesses: the plastic-free Package Free and The Simply Co!

5. Nonhlanhla Joye

Umgibe Farming Organics & Training was founded by Nonhlanhla Joye from South Africa. This carbon-saving, ecological-organic, income-generating vegetable initiative provides a platform for marketing vegetables raised by grassroots farmers in KwaZulu Natal’s sub-economic slums.

She is deeply committed to food security and the development of a vibrant economy.

6. Kate Nelson

Kate is an ocean-loving activist who’s been plastic-free for over a decade. She has a website tagged with the slogan “sexy choices, sexy body, sexy oceans”. The Australian mother nature protector documents her journey of how she quit plastics in her guidebooks.

Her blog is also a wealth of resources raising awareness on different aspects of plastic pollution. In addition, the untiring influencer also launched ‘The Mercast’ podcast where she discusses sustainable solutions with scientists, entrepreneurs, and other change makers in the world.

7. Kaméa Chayne

The Green Dreamer podcast is hosted by Kaméa Chayne and is an examination of how we might flourish while the earth appears to be moving towards ecological destruction and human existence being disconnected from what matters most.

Kaméa welcomes experts from a variety of areas to offer their perspectives on what is being done to promote sustainability and battle climate change.

An interesting story to follow for anyone interested in topics related to climate change and environment, with a fascinating view on plenty, gratitude, and introspection.

8. Amy Meek and Ella Meek

Amy and Ella are teenage sisters from the United Kingdom (UK), who founded a non-profit organization: Kids Against Plastic. They may be young, but their #PlasticClever goal is inspiring them to reform the plastic business. Over the last five years, they have collected around 100,000 pieces of single-use plastic and have even created an app to urge others all over the world to join them in their efforts. They also have a book called “Be Plastic Clever”. They are promoting youth social action as well and they   are becoming a huge inspiration in the world and we’re for it!

9. Joshua Kwaku Asiedu

Ghanaian Mother Earth advocate Joshua Kwaku Asiedu molds his own way. The YouTuber, author, and life coach is on a quest to live off the land and in peace with nature, and he wants to assist others in doing the same.

Joshua is an adventurous traveler who explores the world’s people, traditions, and places in quest of the ideal location to realize his goal of establishing a self-sustaining eco-village.

10. Dave Coulson

The camera, according to Dave Coulson, is a tool for raising awareness of ecosystems and comprehending our relationship to the Earth. His photography ranges from documenting endangered species and the vanishing landscapes that contribute to their extinction to monitoring animal migrations in their natural habitat.

The photographer and filmmaker from Toronto uses the power of narrative to connect people to nature on an emotional and intimate level. He works with NGOs and other groups on a regular basis to inspire sustainable action.

In terms of sustainability, progress is preferable to perfection, and living purposefully is a lifetime endeavor. Living more sustainably may appear to be a daunting effort, but if you take it one day at a time, you’ll be amazed at how easy and gratifying it is.

Fortunately, there are people both online and offline that make it simpler for us to learn about the measures we can take to be responsible people of our Mother Earth. There are various platforms where you may interact with change makers, such as UPDEED, A positive space on internet.

UPDEED is a platform that recognizes the global influencers of change, growth, and advancement. We are grateful to each of these individuals for becoming the positive change they desire to see in the world and for setting a good example. You can check out the Gratitude Wall where top influencers are regularly featured for their efforts.

Download UPDEED now to experience goodness and positivity around the world.

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