Unable to find emergency help for animals in distress, this app may come to the rescue

People feed neighborhood animals (usually dogs, birds, or cats), but when one of them is in distress, the locals either don’t care or don’t know who to call. On the other hand, some people are reluctant to assist animals out of concern for their safety.

Experiencing a similar incident, Yash found a dog in distress and successfully saved the dog. However, it took almost five hours for him to get help. 

As per Yash: “I have always seen that 9 out of 10 people will feel bad whenever they see an injured animal or any animal suffering, but the same 9 out of 10 people don’t know what to do in such case. They want to help the animal but are clueless about whom to call, where to post, who would bear the treatment cost, and where I would get a vet nearby.”

This led Yash Sheth to come out with an app…………. 

Let It Wag – animal rescue app

Let it Wag is a real-time rescue application that brings together on your phone all the parties engaged in animal welfare. The Let It Wag app is a free tool that enables animal enthusiasts to help any animal, as well as nearby volunteers, animal feeds, shelter homes, vets, etc.

To provide a brief on how the app functions, let’s understand it in a step-by-step manner:

Step 1: Whenever you come across any animal in trouble, emergency, or in accident that needs urgent attention. All you have to do is click a photo of the animal, and upload the location, 

Step 2: Put a description of the situation in the caption and upload the post in the Let it wag app. 

Step 3: On the spot, people in the nearby 5-kilometre area will get a notification on their app, and they will be able to connect with you directly to solve the problem via commenting on your post’s comments. 

You will also get the list of all the nearby vets, NGOs, Ambulance services and helplines in that 5-kilometre area which is the most significant approach towards raising an alert and solving it on the spot. 

What should be the next step? 

The Let it wag app is live on iOS and Android devices, and these simple and quick steps have helped save the lives of more than 5000+ animals in the country.

As a concerned citizen, without having the need to look for what to do whenever we find an animal in distress – we can just download the “Let It Wag” app and extend our helping hands to those who cannot speak for themselves.

Till now, with the help of the app, the organisation has been able to save up to 4,052 animals. 

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