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Being a part of a group where people collectively share values has accentuated humanity to evolve through the ages. Communities take care of their members and vice versa- investing in the progressive growth of the human race.

UPDEED helps communities to achieve their ambition through the support that they are looking for.

We strive to empower modern communities supporting them to achieve long-term outcomes encompassing cohesive collaboration, civic engagement, and improved communication.

UPDEED stimulates communities to ignite the spark of social revolution.

A Global Network that augments communities to highlight their altruistic approach.

Whether you are an individual who is aspiring to build an engaging community or you are a community leader trying to add and engage members, UPDEED is the one-stop destination for you.

UPDEED is the best platform for forming a strong network to build, engage and foster community interaction while appreciating every member for their thoughtful gestures.

Engage With or Build A Strong Community That You Want:

  • Bring Everyone Together

    Promote your passionate pursuits synergizing a collaborative web with individuals and groups who are committed to the common purpose and objectives bringing together the individuals working to combat common challenges.

  • Soul feeding Thoughts

    Nourish your community members with engaging content that fosters curiosity and a spark to drive a common purpose. Challenges and collaboration will shape your purpose into action that brings new possibilities of change.

  • Personal connections

    Create a feeling of belongingness among members from various walks of life with a bond of identity. Share your ideas in the network that echoes back with renewed motivations and brand new followers.

  • A Safe Place

    Nestle on a safe place that gets everyone to share their thoughts and desires about ideas or inspirations for your purpose. Let UPDEED be the place for your community- a home to rejoice and celebrate your social accomplishments.

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Eco Club SPSS,

UPDEED has cracked Community Engagement

Our club has over 100 members and at times it is very difficult to bring people together. We also face problems reaching out for membership or promoting ourselves outside our known members. It is a big issue for a club like us and there was no way for us to solve it but then came UPDEED.

We truly appreciate UPDEED as a platform. It is very easy to use for us and for our members to stay connected with our latest updates. Our engagement with non-members has skyrocketed and we are now in touch with similar communities. We have had multiple collaborations so far and the numbers keep rising. Our level of reach and engagement with the right audience would have not been possible without UPDEED.

Mental Health Society,


We now have a Global Presence with UPDEED

Mental Health is dealt with stigma anywhere in the world. The aim of our society is to spread awareness and help people deal with mental illness. We have very limited ways to spread awareness where our viewers will actually listen.

UPDEED now is our go-to place. There we can find people who actually care about things like the environment or mental health. We have to build a beautiful community for our society that has loyal followers from around the world who support all our actions. We would have never thought that it was possible previously but with UPDEED, our online community works like a charm.



UPDEED has made reaching out so easy for everyone

At Love4life, we are a close-knit community helping the destitute find the meaning of life through joy, friendship, and social upliftment. We are a small but very effective community and help fellow beings going through some tough times in life. Our members are all across the country.

When we started using UPDEED, we were not aware of the power it possesses. We now easily connect with all our community members, our volunteers, and our supports. Whenever we help a person, we share stories and get love and support from all around the world. Many people who want to support us reach out to us through UPDEED. This has been transformational for many who seek shelter with us.

With UPDEED, embolden the impact Communities Create.

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Get Recognized

Get known for the work that you and your members do globally. Get appreciation, claps and recognition by people from over 100 countries.

Build Bigger

Create a strong social community by getting featured on the Gratitude Wall and gaining cohesive active participants.

Connect with Likeminded Buddies

Connect with people, organizations, or communities which are devoted to the common cause, emitting the same passionate aura as you.

Improve Desired Attention

Concord with funders, investors, and volunteers who are looking for welfare communities dispensing impeccable work of harmonious social progress.