Why Self Defense is Critical to Learn in Today’s World

Living in the brutal world of the 21st century is challenging as no one is completely safe. It is essential to know that it is only you who can protect yourself and others. Self-defense is the process of applying a counteracting force in which you can protect yourself from abuse or violense using your own strengths.

The process involves learning a variety of techniques to save yourself in times of danger. But the first step to self-defense is fitness. If you can learn self-defense tactics through a fitness regime, you can stand against the power imbalance and social safety issues that intimidate people, mostly women, and children. 

Why is self-defense important for women?

Women are still denied equal rights in society today. They are limited in their ability to carry out their duties. People should break free from these constraints and limits by providing gifts for women. When confronted with sexual assault or a random attack, women fail to protect themselves. Fear is the primary cause of failure.

Most of us spend a lot of time on social media. So you are not unaware of the increasing cases of violence against women. Every day, there is news of rapes and domestic violence that involves minor girls too. 

The world is changing and unfortunately, it is becoming more and more unsafe for women. If you are a woman, you have to accept the fact that you cannot depend on fate or wait for others to save you from dangers.

You have to help yourself if you face sexual assaults or other random attacks. 

  • It is time for women to realize that Self Defence is Critical for survival. If you know how to set yourself free from the clutches of the assaulter, you will feel more confident to step out anytime at any place. 
  • If you are away from home for studies or professional work, you must keep yourself safe by joining the training programs.
  • You won’t have to depend on anyone to keep you safe. 
  • Strangers can cause dangerous situations. You cannot only save yourself but also other women or children from dangerous situations. 

Physical training to learn the techniques will help in building stamina and keep you more fit even as you are aging. Researchers discovered that women who trained in self-defense have more self-confidence in public than women who did not.

Self-defense is a form of self-protection that also provides pleasant sentiments about one’s body and self-confidence.

Benefits of learning Self-Defense By Demographic

Age is no bar to learning self-defense. 

“Self Defense Is Not Just A Set Of Techniques; It’s A State Of Mind, And It Begins With The Belief That You Are Worth Defending.” – Rorion Gracie.

Life is worth saving and every individual should perceive the same, regardless of age. You can see for yourself how joining the self-defense programs are helpful to people of different age groups. 

Excellent for children

Self-defense is the basic right of any individual. And that includes children too. 

  • Self-defense training is like sharing knowledge with children that empowers their minds and body. The intricate techniques and the ways to properly execute them help the child in understanding the responsibility of a good citizen. 
  • Children will never face unnecessary bullying in school as the training develops the child’s social skills.
  • Self-defense training also teaches the value of discipline, honor, respect, integrity, and humility to embed the best practices in children.

Thus, it won’t be learning the ways for self-protection, but also gaining insight into life. 

Excellent for Women

Women have been the victims of all types of violence over the ages. Isn’t it enough? Shouldn’t all women start learning self-defense techniques to teach a lesson to anyone who dares to approach them inappropriately?

The training will boost the confidence level and spread the vibe of women empowerment globally. And it will also increase the fitness level permanently. 

Excellent for men

It is wrong to say that only women are the victims of all that is bad. don’t you find the teenage boys facing harassment at high school or college owing to their meek nature? This world has no place for weak people.

You need to be stronger to stand tall against anyone who approaches you with bad intentions. Moreover, when men enter family life it is also a responsibility to protect eh wives and children from any attacks.

The training program makes men feel stronger to stand against crimes. 

Excellent for Older Citizens

And who says that self-defense is all about kicks and punches? Self-defense is more about confidence and building a defensive personality against abuse. Let’s look at some older adults’ self-defense techniques.

  • The aged people will learn how to detect potential attackers.
  • The trainers teach how to create the escape plan quickly.

Above all, there are various simple methods to disable the assailant quickly if it is necessary.

Self-defense: Beneficial to all

Self-defense training not only protects you, but also others. Furthermore, training assists you in being physically and emotionally fit. Having the ability to protect yourself raises your self-esteem and confidence. It enables you to acquire simple techniques as well as more advanced skills to defend oneself during an attack. Knowing how to defend oneself will make you feel less worried in public and less afraid when wandering alone at night.

Age, sex, caste, and creed do not matter when it comes to learning self-defense. It is a process that will enrich you as a human. 
  1. The training will improve the confidence level of every individual.
  1. As you learn how to protect yourself from attackers, you will learn how to focus on your aim and execute the same properly. This will improve your overall focus. As a result, it teaches you to concentrate in high-stress situations.
  1. Hitting the punches is not as easy as you watch it in the movie. You need to learn the technique which will add to your skillset.
  1. Regular exercises and fitness regimes are part and parcel of self-defense training. It is definitely going to improve your physical health.
  1. To keep yourself safe, you need to be aware of what is happening around you. The training programs teach how to detect any potential threat that is approaching you. 
  1. As you can join the program at any age, the excitement of learning something new is indomitable.
  1. Muscle toning and improved overall fitness are a direct impact of the labor that you put in to learn the tactics.
  1. Maintaining body balance is vital for healthy living. The training will help you learn that too.
  1. Self-defense training programs make you disciplined
  1. It will develop your reflex action like that of a fighter.
  1. It improves the social skills of a person. 

Every human being has the right to be safe from damage, injury, or death. Instead of becoming defenseless and helpless, intelligent people understand the strategies and protect themselves. As a result, learning self-defense becomes extremely crucial.

Notable movements started by women

What’s the purpose of learning self-defense actually? It is to prevent all types of social injustice. There are various movements that women started like Pink Noise and Gulabi Gang.

These movements have shown the world how women can stand together against violence. Beginning from the prevention of child marriages to arranging the marriage of couples in love against social limitations, these movements stand for humanity.

You will find various organizations on UPDEED that are working to share the knowledge of self-defense among the mass.

People regardless of age, gender, or caste should come forward and learn the skills to stand against age-old social injustice. Read about how these organizations are promoting the importance of self-defense in the lives of women especially and providing training sessions along with:

  1. Richa Gaur – Richa Gaur is an Indian martial arts player and self-defense coach who has been awarded and felicitated by the former President of India and Maneka Gandhi as one of the “Top 100 Women Achievers of India” in the field of women. Connect with the pride of India – Richa Gaur on  UPDEED.
  2. Kartik S Kateel – Karthik S Kateel is a Black Belt in Karate and Jeet Kune Do and a certified mixed martial art trainer, has been appointed Grand Master Trainer for Self Defense by the Indian Red Cross Society, YRC Karnataka Branch, and has founded the NGO Swaraksha for Women Trust with his mother Mrs.Shobhalatha. Kartik S Kateel trains women to protect themselves and feel more confident in walking securely on the streets. He believes that it is never enough to focus on one aspect of self-defense. You can’t just have a fine weapon and expect to be safe. Protection yourselves result from multiple forces combining to give you the best chance of surviving.

Defense is stronger than offense

In the age of smartphones, there is still a huge section of the global population who harbor a poor mentality and shockingly brutal attitude toward women and children mostly. But it is time to show them how the weak can also stand tall and defend themselves in the face of danger.

If the victims remain intimidated all the time, the attackers will gain more power. But when the weaker ones will learn the skills and protect themselves against all types of abuse, the world will know that strength is all about mental and physical power, and not the personal asset of any particular gender or caste. 

Self-defense is not limited to men. Rather, it is a training philosophy that every woman should have in her toolbox, not just for self-defense, but also to instill confidence and everyday discipline in their life.

Join the organizations on UPDEED and support them to make every individual strong enough to defend themselves and others in their time of need. UPDEED is providing the right platform to make people aware of learning self-defense for upscaling women’s personalities.

Come to connect with such organizations and create a world for women where they can feel safe and build confidence to fight back whenever or wherever she feels unsafe.

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