Why We Should Care for Gen Z to Stay Positive

In the past few years, there has been a lash out from the new internet first generation. Gen Z are the people who are currently 16-24 years of age. They are the new tech savvy, internet first generation the world has ever seen and they are taking the internet by the storm.

If you remember, there was a very active campaign #bullymillennials online. It was used by Gen Z to lash out on millennials. Millennials are people born between 25 and 40 years old. This campaign was targeted to make fun of the millennials by Gen Z and gained notoriety on the internet.

Now one can argue that every generation while evolving had been rebellious, be it Punk rock influenced generation of the 1980s or baby bloomers of 1950s. But Gen Z is different. Being the first generation to have access to the internet in their early years, they have all the information in the world at a button’s click.

How do Gen Z Differ from Millennials?


According to a new research by GWI, there are four distinct areas where Gen Z differ from millennials. They are: anxiety, hustle, political engagement, and visual media.

Is Gen Z Anxious?


This is true in almost every survey that when it comes to anxiety, Gen Z is more anxious than their previous generations. Compared to millennials, they’re less likely to describe themselves as health-conscious, or to be confident with new technology. Majority of them accept that they are more prone to anxiety.

This spike in anxiety is often attributed to technological advances like too much influence of smartphones. Gen Z is the first generation which have no remembrance of a world before smartphones.

The way to curb anxiety is to stay positive, embrace mindfulness and practice gratitude. At UPDEED, our vision is to make the world a better place by looking at positive aspects of life and supporting change-makers for their good deeds. Looking at positive stories from all around the world can help you change your perspective and make you less anxious. Check us out on Play Store or App Store.

Is Gen Z likely to Speak Out?


Compared to their counter parts, Gen Z is more likely to speak out about social and political issues and discuss it freely. Gen Z is also open to speaking about issues that are associated with stigma like mental health.

There has also been an increase in open discussion from Gen Z on how the government should do more. They are also open to accepting a multi-racial society.


This is a great sign of support to embrace a multicultural society. At UPDEED, we support thousands of change-makers to get their voices heard from all over the world about their efforts to change society.

You can connect with them, support them and help them in their efforts. If you are a believer of any issue, share it on UPDEED to show your stand.

Is Gen Z Emotional?


Despite the common notion that the young are only glued to their phones, Gen Z not only respects emotions but they are very compassionate. Studies show, 73% of GenZ students reported seeing themselves as compassionate and 80% saw themselves as being thoughtful and mainly concerned about the issues facing other people.

Even with video chatting with friends, virtual empathy has been correlated positively with face to face empathy. This makes them more likely to engage with people and be thoughtful to understand other viewpoints.

Compassion and being thoughtful are things that can develop through emotional connection. This can have benefits socially and in the workplaces.

This emotional connection can also make them staunch believers of social and global causes like Saving Earth, Women Equality etc.

Gen Z is better Educated


Gen Z are more lively to be engaged in education endeavors. This trend may also be there because their parents had a college degree.

With better understanding of how college education can reap benefits for them, they are focusing on their careers. The recent pandemic also resulted in pay cuts and job losses.


This has put more focus on having quality education. With high education, they are also more likely to engage in socially beneficial activities.


Gen Z associates human activities with climate change. With better access to education, they are more likely to embrace practices that are climate-friendly.

So, why should I care how Gen Z is?

The survival of every human generation depends on how the next generation evolves. Till now, Gen Z is showing a promising future. They are more vocal, passionate and compassionate.

They however are more likely to be anxious. The high use of smartphones is generally attributed to this issue. The best way to reduce anxiety is to be more social. Going out with friends, meeting people or doing productive activities like supporting a charity or volunteer group helps.

If you are passionate about any change that you want to see in the world, you can join your local NGO or support group. Create an impact and become a change-maker yourself by sharing your work on UPDEED. You can also get featured on the gratitude wall and get acknowledged by thousands of change-makers like yourself. A little positive story from you can make someone’s day!  

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