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Amanda souza


Mumbai Lady Turns Farm Into a Safe Haven for 300 Injured, Abandoned Animals! A guardian angel for street animals, Fiza had also adopted the canine heroes of 26/11—Max, Sultan, Tiger & Caesar—after their retirement from police service.Fiza Shah still remembers the pain she felt 21 years ago, when she lost Snowy, the first dog she had ever rescued. Last year, Shah again had to say goodbye to Mastu, another stray she had rescued. She too died in Shah’s arms and losing her was just as unbearable. “Every time I rescue an animal, I prepare myself to lose them one day but no amount of mental preparation, logic or strength can help enough. Between losing Snowy and Mastu, Fiza has rescued over 300 animals including dogs, goats, rabbits, horses, cows, bullocks, geese, hens and cats. The 54-year-old rehabilitates old, injured, stray, abandoned and ill animals to her 6-acre farm in the Virar region of Mumbai.

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