Who We Are

Professional, socially active, and grateful about the world

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. -William Arthur Ward

UPDEED has a mission to connect changemakers around the world to amplify their impact on individual and the society.


UPDEED – A Positive Space on Internet, is a dominant networking platform that connects changemakers around the globe. UPDEED is potentially weaving the desired network of changemakers that any individual, community, or organization may join to support or work for a common cause of multi-dimensional welfare serving humanity.

We aim to help changemakers by ensuring that they connect with the right and like-minded people, gain authenticity and gather support for their noble cause. Now with UPDEED on your mobile devices, you can also become a changemaker – inspire people and amplify the impact of your good deeds globally.


UPDEED is a positive space on internet that connects the world on the cusp of humanity. This positive space offers a massive window of opportunities for changemakers of every category.

UPDEED for Individuals

UPDEED connects individuals with global or local changemakers and unifies them. They can work towards their mission. Partner with others and become a global influencer among the tribe of changemakers.

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UPDEED for Communities

UPDEED enables communities to engage with their current and aspiring members, channelize their association with a cause to build authenticity. We provide a platform to join in or seek support from compatible partners and other communities willing to lend a hand.

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UPDEED for Organization

UPDEED complements organizations seeking accreditation of their change making ventures. We enable organizations to affiliate, connect and collaborate with changemakers and volunteers to expand their CSR or social enterprises.

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About the Founders

Sachin, a dynamic personality with a heart of gold, holds immense respect for people who selflessly devote themselves to the service of humanity. He laid the foundation of UPDEED with his conviction and commitment keeping two virtues in mind- Appreciation and Gratitude. Being tech-savvy and a mentor to many start-ups, he believes that connections build on the foundation of these two magic words and empowered by technology have far-reaching constructive consequences and the potential to change the course of humanity. He aims to develop a potential networking platform that connects changemakers around the world to amplify and magnify their impact on individuals and society. Hence, with unprecedented enthusiasm, the concept of UPDEED was born. It is overwhelming to see similar energy levels amongst its UPDEEDers as they imbibe Sachin’s vision composing the symphony of love, peace, and harmony.

Sachin Shukla

Founder of UPDEED

Sonal, a zealous HR professional who has served in a number of key positions in multiple organizations. Her philanthropic inclination inspired her to recognize the need for UPDEED, especially for organizations and communities where they had no medium to showcase their social initiatives. Her vision coupled with her selflessness to boost the phenomenal popularity of UPDEED. A magnetic persona with exceptional virtues, and an unbound love for humanity. Sonal heads day-to-day operations and binds the team working day and night strengthening the purposeful objectives of UPDEED.

Sonal Shukla

Co-founder of UPDEED

Satish is the brain behind the UPDEED app. Serving in Africa for a tech company, he has seen the harsh reality of poverty and understood the importance of promoting the changemakers to organize and augment together of common social cause. He heads the product team and with his analytical mind creates stupendous features which are helping people to collaborate every day on UPDEED.

Satish Kumar

Co-founder of UPDEED