Who We Are

Professional, socially active, and grateful about the world

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. -William Arthur Ward

UPDEED has a mission to connect changemakers around the world to amplify their impact on individual and the society.


UPDEED – A Positive Space on Internet, is a dominant networking platform that connects changemakers around the globe. UPDEED is potentially weaving the desired network of changemakers that any individual, community, or organization may join to support or work for a common cause of multi-dimensional welfare serving humanity.

We aim to help changemakers by ensuring that they connect with the right and like-minded people, gain authenticity and gather support for their noble cause. Now with UPDEED on your mobile devices, you can also become a changemaker – inspire people and amplify the impact of your good deeds globally.


UPDEED is a positive space on internet that connects the world on the cusp of humanity. This positive space offers a massive window of opportunities for changemakers of every category.

UPDEED for Individuals

UPDEED connects individuals with global or local changemakers and unifies them. They can work towards their mission. Partner with others and become a global influencer among the tribe of changemakers.

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UPDEED for Communities

UPDEED enables communities to engage with their current and aspiring members, channelize their association with a cause to build authenticity. We provide a platform to join in or seek support from compatible partners and other communities willing to lend a hand.

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UPDEED for Organization

UPDEED complements organizations seeking accreditation of their change making ventures. We enable organizations to affiliate, connect and collaborate with changemakers and volunteers to expand their CSR or social enterprises.

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About the Team

Sonal Shukla

Co-Founder and CEO at UPDEED

I am Sonal Shukla, serving as the Co-Founder and CEO at UPDEED, where I am dedicated to guiding our strategic vision and fostering impactful collaborations. With an MBA and over 15 years of experience in human resources, I have worked closely with influential changemakers striving to better our world. I am deeply committed to social causes, particularly passionate about empowering women through our initiatives. As a mother of two, my time outside of work is joyfully spent nurturing my family and indulging in my love for cooking. I envision a world where changemakers are supported in creating sustainable change, and I am driven to ensure women have prominent roles in shaping our future.
One-liner bio: Sonal Shukla: Driving change and empowering women at UPDEED while cherishing family life and culinary passions.

Tanu Tiwari

Chief Impact Officer at UPDEED

I am Tanu Tiwari, a founding member and the Chief Impact Officer at UPDEED. With a background in computer engineering and over ten years of experience blending technology with social impact, I am deeply committed to leveraging digital solutions to empower changemakers. At UPDEED, my role as Product Owner allows me to drive significant impact by fostering global collaborations with diverse changemakers and organizations. I am passionate about creating a platform that not only supports but also amplifies the efforts of those committed to positive change. Outside of work, I am dedicated to my roles as a mother, wife, and homemaker, and I continue my commitment to social impact through volunteering. My life is a balance of nurturing my family, supporting community initiatives, and driving transformative change through UPDEED.
One-liner bio:Tanu Tiwari: Chief Impact Officer at UPDEED, driving global change through technology, dedicated to family and community service.

Sachin Shukla

Founder and Mentor at UPDEED

I am Sachin Shukla, the founder, and mentor at UPDEED, with an enriching educational background from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Harvard Business School (HBS). My professional journey has spanned over 15 years, during which I have worked across global geographies, engaging with entrepreneurs, and startups, and providing mentorship and strategic guidance. I am passionately committed to creating impact and firmly believe in harnessing technology to support those who endeavor to help many. Driven by the realization that the world is abundant with good people who only need encouragement, appreciation, and opportunities to amplify their contributions, I founded UPDEED. The platform is built on the three foundational pillars of appreciation, gratitude, and technology, with the goal of creating a scalable impact globally. I advocate the powerful role businesses can play in elevating societal impacts. Outside of my professional life, I cherish spending quality time with my loved ones and enjoy running, which not only keeps me fit but also provides clarity and inspiration for my work.
One-liner bio: Sachin Shukla: Empowering global changemakers through technology and appreciation, founder and mentor at UPDEED, dedicated runner, and family man.

Ritesh Soni

Marketing Head at UPDEED

I am Ritesh Soni, proudly serving as the Marketing Head at UPDEED. With a rich background in marketing management for Tech & E-commerce businesses, I have spent more than 6 years harnessing the power of digital platforms to elevate brand stories. At UPDEED, I am committed to crafting compelling narratives that not only resonate with our audience but also amplify the impact of changemakers around the globe. My role involves strategic oversight of our marketing initiatives, ensuring that every campaign we launch not only reaches but also inspires our community. Passionate about data-driven marketing strategies, I am dedicated to utilizing analytics to guide our decisions and refine our approaches, ensuring maximum engagement and effectiveness. Outside of work, I am a cook, and a traveler, constantly seeking new experiences and insights that I can bring back to my professional life. These hobbies help me stay creative and provide fresh perspectives that drive innovative marketing solutions. At UPDEED, I am driven by the vision to create a platform where every changemaker gets the recognition they deserve. By leading our marketing efforts, I aim to connect these inspiring stories with a global audience, fostering a community of support and appreciation.
One-liner bio: Ritesh Soni: Marketing Head at UPDEED, storyteller at heart, data-driven strategist, and world explorer, dedicated to amplifying voices that change the world.

Sandeep Rath

Advisor & Mentor at UPDEED

I am Sandeep Rath, serving as an advisor and mentor at UPDEED. My academic credentials include a PhD in Decision, Operations, and Technology Management from UCLA Anderson School of Management, and I am also an alumnus of IIT. Currently, I am an assistant professor at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, where I am known for my impactful teaching and ability to inspire students and professionals globally. With over 15 years of experience working with global corporations and in academia, I bring a wealth of knowledge and strategic acumen to my role at UPDEED. My work focuses on creating scalable social impact and enhancing the contributions of changemakers worldwide through thoughtful advice and mentorship. Outside of my professional endeavors, I am a dedicated family man who cherishes time spent with my loved ones and my pet, Mocha. My role at UPDEED allows me to extend my passion for mentoring beyond the classroom and into the broader community, supporting those dedicated to making a positive difference in the world.
One-liner bio: Sandeep Rath: Strategic advisor at UPDEED, inspiring professor, and passionate mentor, dedicated to creating scalable impact and enjoying life with family and Mocha.