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UPDEED connects aspirants who wish to impact society with their missionary vision. We aim to build a positive space for individuals and groups keen to support a cause creating ripples of change with their grit and determination


A space to showcase the glow of golden deeds done by you or people around you


A space to appreciate, encourage and express gratitude to the good samaritans for their magnanimity.


A space where one can connect with the community of changemakers collaborating their impact.


UPDEED is a wonderful package with exciting features enabling one to bring in meaningful change at any level. Observe, appreciate and encourage those on the purposeful journey.


Connecting changemakers around the world to amplify their impact on individuals and the society.


Discover inspiring stories that move people & create Impact.


Discover user-recommended stories. Get featured and increase your visibility.


Share good deeds, a problem solved, helped someone or even a good thought.


Engage with other changemakers, spread the good across platforms


Clap for their good deeds. Encourage the good-doers.


Directly connect with changemakers, funders, organizations & volunteers around the globe.


Get awards for your impactful work, display worth within the community of good-doers.


Explore the community and build a network of your preference.


Introduce yourself to the world. Radiate your ideas, interests, and hobbies of social welfare to connect to a huge web of change makers.


Invite friends, family or change makers in your connections to get on UPDEED and grow the community you would love.

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A simple yet powerful tool to nurture and grow your change-making initiatives. Spark a revolution in how your initiatives reach and resonate with people everywhere.

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Bring SDGs Closer

UPDEED Campaign supports your vision for change. You can align UPDEED Campaigns with your CSR initiatives and reach closer to sustainability goals.

Local Initiatives to
Global Impact

Impact Measurement
to CSR Reporting

Campaign for
Every Cause

Whether you're looking to gather donations, mobilize volunteers, raise awareness, or set the stage for your next big event, UPDEED is your platform to make a difference.

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Be a Thoughtful Leader- Ignite a Spark

  • Be Good – Do Good- Feel Good- with your impactful rectitude connect to the communities that recognize you as a visionary reforming the world.
  • Connect with promising and aspiring changemakers to fraternize your work, ideas and get support and feedback to nurture your aspirations.

Share Life-Altering Stories

  • Share any large or trivial story of work, daily life, or hobby that kindle the optimistic spirit of people around the world.
  • Get your daily motivation from hundreds of daily stories from people around the world sharing the positivity of their lives
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Get Recognition

  • Showcase the reformist work that your community is engaged in and get recognized globally among thousands of changemakers.
  • Collaborate with like minded communities for events, webinars and share your two cents to gain trusted supporters.

Build Engaging Communities

  • Connect, converse and organize events with existing members or aspiring members.
  • Share your activities to gather support and volunteers for the causes that you believe in
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Boost CSR

  • Exude the impact of all the social reforms your organization is working on to the global changemaker.
  • Get credit for the influential eminence imprinted by your organization branding it as a beacon of trust and integrity.

Global Collaboration

  • Find volunteers and communities who can support the philanthropic cause of your organization.
  • Associate yourself with the torchbearers with the same objective of collaborating with them to achieve common goals.
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See What People Are Saying About UPDEED

I really liked the idea of bringing and encouraging youngsters, who are dedicated to working towards the betterment of mankind through their social work, together.

Midhatkhan Pathan

Vice president at Better Hope NGO

Thank you very much, first I would say this because there are very few people who promote and appreciate such things, so I am so happy with this app that they find such people and find such people by working so hard. Finding and promoting them through your own people and appreciating.

Md Nizamuddin

Social worker

The impact that UPDEED is creating in the lives of people is they help people to reach each other (to pass on the good deeds). Updeed help us identify the issues and encourage individuals to partner the cause. Thats what make their model sustainable. It has been a great pleasure to be associated with UPDEED. We hope to continue well into the future in as big a way as possible.

Little Shine Foundation

Mumbai, Maharashtra

I like the fact that updeed is an user friendly app. It's inspiring and motivating. It helps in establishing good contacts and makes each other's work very visible.

Manasa B

Healthcare student and social worker

UPDEED is a great platform, it's spreading positivity around us. I really want more n more people to connect with this beautiful platform and I will try my best to share this with my friends/readers/well-wishers.

Sagar Pradhan

UPDEED is a great platform, it creates opportunities to showcase your work and also find other like-minded people in your space. This fosters collaboration and makes the world a better place especially for the kind of work I do on environmental sustainability.

Ayomide Arowosegbe

Founder at CLAHN Initiative

A unique platform for NGOs. It will help us reach more people and get noticed. Also, they are putting more effort to reach out to more NGOs and doing their best.

Sachin S Revankar

Founder at Janajagriti Trust

It's very rare in this world where people are being trolled left right n centre with so much negativity around to come up with a platform to celebrate the positivity that exists but is hidden. Great work. Wish u All the best for this.

Dr. Kruti Parekh

Premier Female Mentalist, Motivational Trainer

Let us advocate for behaviour change and maximize advocacy on UPDEED."

Rufaro Chakanetsa

Innovator against gender based Violence (UN Women)

UPDEED is a great platform where the different different types of people (NGO workers, change bringers, students, business associates) can interact with each other. This helps all of us in building up our network and we get inspired by different - different stories.

UNHA India

The ability to find and interact with change-makers on a platform dedicated to this very reason was very helpful and their stories and journeys are inspiring.

Cynthia Maria Royden Dsouza

Updeed is such a beautiful platform for reading about, getting inspired by and sharing positive stories. It made me realize that we are all extraordinary and have inspirational stories to share, however small, that can help and encourage others. I am so happy to be a part of it!

Diti Kotecha

It's a great platform. It has actually given me an opportunity to connect with so many change makers and to get motivated through their works.

Shinjani Biswas

Content Writer & Network Collaboration Intern at UPDEED

I started using updeed recently and so happy to explore more about it . So easy to connect with people , know more about them and appreciate and connect with . I love this interface which is helping me to build my network .

Deepali Dhabu

UPDEED is a very good platform and it is helping many individuals to grow and learn things. Team Updeed is doing amazing work. Best wishes!

Harshal Dhoke

Founder Shashi Dream Foundation

Succumbing to the high dose of violence and negativity frolicking around us, we often imbibe the unwanted and eventually fall prey to depression. Amidst all this turmoil, Updeed brought in a silver lining. It’s a safe place where we can again re-instill our faith in humanity and cleanse our mind of all the negativity around us and be truly happy.

Pranarita Bhol

MBA Student and Blogger

I have been regular to Reddit, Twitter, and many social media, it was UPDEED that got together most of the like-minded people together to establish a bigger social impact.

Ayush Joshi

Managing Director

Hi, it has been months have joined updeed and it is the most knowledgeable app. Seeing people grow helping each other and daily reading stories of such generous people always felt motivated. The actions which are taking place are helping our genre to get more involved in this field and it makes us so proud. Updeed is the best app where we get more knowledge and feel motivated to do something for our society.

Niharika Kapoor

Website executive

UPDEED platform is one such platform that has made me aware of the good deed that people are carrying out and what changes they are making in society.

Kirti Kumar

Content writer and entrepreneur

Thank you UPDEED for believing in my vision. I thoroughly appreciate your entire team for such beautiful initiatives. Very rare to see teams like this in this sophisticated world. ???

Deepika Venkatesh

Sustainable Educator

UPDEED provides a platform where one can channel with their inner self and accept the practice of positive thinking as a lifestyle from within.

Sayani Pal

IT Professional and a cooking enthusiast

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