Nurture Extraordinary Impact by Ordinary People

Enabling Individuals determined to bring significant change

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples" - Mother Teresa

A Peer to Peer Network of Changemaking

People are the center of every movement that made the world a better place.

For every movement to be a success, people have to be equipped with the right tools with the right audience to get their voices heard and acted upon. UPDEED helps with just that for every individual who aims to make the world a better place.

When ordinary people do extraordinary wonders, UPDEED aims at getting their voices heard and efforts recognized. With us, changemakers can share positivity, get acknowledged, and influence others to do good deeds. We enrich the people to collectively raise the positive vibe of society.

We are pioneering ways to inspire every person who desires to bring change in this world to become a changemaker.

Amplify The Impact Made by Ordinary People

At UPDEED, we inspire the ‘Everyone-a-Changemaker’ mindset truly believe that anyone is capable to bring meaningful change to this world.

  • Explore Your Niche

    Discover the causes you associate yourself with, tell people about your interests and social goal. Voice your opinion and carve a niche of your worthy deeds.

  • Stay Updated with Global Changes

    Get updates about recent impactful projects around the world by people or organizations who are working tirelessly to bring a sea change of positivity.

  • Bring Out the Hidden Influencer

    Realize your potential to become a global influencer for individuals and communities who believe in the common social pursuits as you do.

  • Converse with Awesome People

    UPDEED is a thoughtful space to start a conversation - for a daily dose of positivity, making impactful changes together, and sharing insightful thoughts.

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Sanjana Gupta,
Delhi University

Positivity begins at UPDEED

Signing up on UPDEED is one of those decisions that I will not regret. UPDEED has surely helped me imbibe positivity on a daily basis. Discovering the extraordinary stories and establishing a route to embark on a self-fulfillment journey have been some of the benefits that I have personally felt.

Changes don’t come overnight and so one has to work rigorously everyday and I firmly believe that with time noticeable changes can be seen. The stories help you learn the values of compassion, kindness, determination, hard work, perseverance, and most importantly the will to grow. I am growing everyday on UPDEED!

Ratasya Suci Asmala,
Jakarta University

Goodness should be Exemplified

Everyone needs inspiration and UPDEED just did that for me. Since I used the UPDEED platform I got a lot of inspiration and motivation from many stories of people who are full of good deeds. It makes me comfortable because there are no negative elements in the UPDEED platform; only positive elements and appreciation of good deeds. Everyday, it is making me calm and motivated to help others and achieve happiness.

This platform also made me realize that there are still many good people who do good deeds and there are platforms that spread the goodness that we can exemplify. I think UPDEED has many benefits for a better life.

Kiran Sadhwani

UPDEED has the Mantra to Appreciate Changes

I think using UPDEED is one of a kind of experience. It has made me look for people doing amazing things for inspiration, come out of my comfort zone, and achieve so much more.

Experience of being part of UPDEED was fantastic! People coming and sharing their stories keeps us inspired. I like the feature where we give claps to people who share their vision and appreciate their efforts. It is a great way to say – Keep going!


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Gather appreciation by showcasing your part of good deeds and building a solid foundation for your work.

Empower Everyone

Appreciate others with awards and appreciations to empower them for their efforts to bring transformational changes.

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Gain respect and admiration of thousands of changemakers from around the world for your good deeds.

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