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The sole purpose of organizations is not to make profit anymore. Profit and purpose are converging. Over 80% of millennials report that making a positive difference in the world is more important to them than professional recognition.

Professionals now believe that the primary purpose of business is not only to earn profit but also to take corporate social responsibilities adding social value for meaning sustainability of all. It is clearly reflected in the balance sheet as customers overwhelmingly prefer products associated with a social cause. The shift is driving the flourishing corporate houses to take effectuating action.

Imprint your brand name in letters of gold on the annals of humanity through your reformative ideas or compassionate acts. Endorse yourself with UPDEED and see the magic happen.


UPDEED connects Organizations with the world to amplify their impact on society

Organizations are enthusiastic to portray themselves as the epitome of benevolence to society. Many organizations are going green, reducing emissions, and promoting recycling. Globally billions of dollars have been committed for it. But they are still struggling to reach out to their end consumers.

At UPDEED, we provide a platform to organizations to highlight their positive deeds. We give them the right tools and audience to reflect their acts of goodness to transform the world. Any activity your organization feels that is helping to change the world can attract thousands of prominent supporters enabling you to shine your brand image, driving your organization to take a meteoric rise to fame.

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  • Showcase CSR

    Share all your CSR activities building a world a happier place and touch the lives of millions. Gather support and encouragement from the fraternity of changemakers.

  • Connect with Top Influencers

    Start a conversation with thousands of changemakers who can help you out to amplify your CSR activities or any other projects kickstarted by your organization.

  • Find Volunteers

    Spot and identify volunteers who can assist steer your objective more effectively boosting your efforts manifold. Connect globally with people who share the same passion as you to work for a cause.

  • Get Authenticity

    Revamp your organization’s brand image among the existing or potential consumers and stakeholders by sharing your work on UPDEED.

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We saw the Power UPDEED has

We joined UPDEED during COVID pandemic, one of the worst times for humanity. When the world was engulfed in negative energy that was spreading on every other online forum or platform, but not on UPDEED.
We were so humbled when we saw the Power UPDEED had. Everyone around the world is looking for a constant source of positive energy. While some turn to our Instagram handles for this, we, ourselves, oftentimes turn to UPDEED. We have learned so many great individuals and their stories at UPDEED. We are looking forward to adopting more menstruators and telling you more about our positive journey via UPDEED. Thanks, UPDEED!” 

Mehul Manjeshwar,
Bare Necessities Zero
Waste Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

UPDEED is a Unique Experience

Using UPDEED has been quite a unique experience, to be honest. In this world where negativity makes the rounds on a daily basis, with it having a tremendous impact on our mental health, UPDEED is an app that has helped share a variety of inspirational forces that surround us and continue fighting the good fight, spreading positivity and making an impact. It’s a platform that really sticks to its mission of spreading positivity and genuineness.

Pearl Care Foundation

Lutaya Haleed

UPDEED is an Amazing concept! I am amazed that just connecting changemakers can bring together so many talented people who are keen on achieving significant accomplishments.
I have been using UPDEED for a while now am linking this app more than any other platform. I just loved the idea of how this encourages change makers to come forward and it’s inspiring more others to join in.

Redefine and Reinvent your progressive pursuits with UPDEED.

Join hands to be a part of a most progressive platform bringing ambitious people to build a harmonious social honeycomb.

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Users can choose to recognize your vision and applaud your efforts and honor you with awards for your work in your respective field of interest.

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Create quality content and get your story published on the Gratitude Wall that will publicize your work in the community of philanthropes.

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Build a strong network with thousands of changemakers and communities to collaborate and start working on impactful changes.

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Get a token of appreciation for every good deed that you are bringing into the lives through your exceptional work in society.